Buyer’s market: For the first time in four years, homes in Seattle are selling below list price as housing prices continue to crater ($).

Student housing battle: Everett Community College is opposing a private student housing project ($) over concerns that it might compete with their housing and create more congestion.

Tacoma’s new trail: An extension of the Pipeline Trail to the Tacoma Dome will soon open.

In denial: Is the EPA’s climate change page ever coming back?

Architectural road trip: Take an architectural road trip of Mid-Century Modernism on the East Coast.

End the pink tax: Seattle may exempt certain feminine products from taxes.

Still on track: Foes of California’s voter-approved high-speed rail program underway lost again in court to stop construction.

Urban/rural divide: Richard Florida looks at the talent divide for urban and rural areas.

Must protect children: The Washington State Supreme Court must protect foster children from abuse or be held liable

Green up Downtown: An architecture firm has a plan to green up Downtown Seattle streets.

Socially contextual housing: Autism-friendly housing has opened up in Phoenix.

CDMX airport canceled: A new central Mexico City airport has been canceled ($) following a public advisory vote.

Green New Deal: Vox highlights the climate change-fighting initiative on Washingtonians’ ballots.

Equitable Complete Streets: Baltimore has a new Complete Streets policy that puts racial equity front and center.

Maps of the Week: See Washington, D.C. many elaborate underground tunnels near the capitol and take a gander at 200 years of elections for the House of Representatives.

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