Paris Accord stands: The Paris Climate Accord remains in effect after the international community reaches a deal ($), despite the threats of the White House.

Deadly “innovation”: The data suggests that Uber and Lyft trips are increasing traffic deaths.

Casting out obstructionists: Futurewise has adopted term limits for their governing board, which pushed out two members who have obstructed equitable and sustainable development.

200 years of seekers: See 200 years of immigration in America in the form of rings in a tree.

SF goes minimum-free: San Francisco makes big waves eliminating off-street parking requirements for motorized vehicles.

Greater carrying capacity: Tokyo wants transit riders to stand on both sides of escalators, but why?

Shining stars: Seattle and Bellevue make top list for best new bike facilities in 2018.

Sky high fears: If a megaquake happens in Seattle, what does that mean for highrise dwellers ($)?

Your backyard: King County Parks has made some big open space acquisitions.

It’s still transit, duh: While Americans increasingly are becoming open to new multimodal options, they still see transit as the fundamental backbone for multimodal mobility.

Ceding to the soda lobby: If Oregon could stop a ban on soda taxes, why couldn’t Washington?

Saving Cougar Mountain: 46 acres of pristine land on Cougar Mountain that had been slated for development will now be preserved.

Growing diverse: The Eastside is seeing a surge in racial diversity ($) after long being seen as a wealthy White enclave.

E-scooter safety: Are e-scooters unsafe at any speed?

Save the whales: Governor Jay Inslee (D-Washington) has a $1.1 billion recovery plan for Puget Sound orcas.

PDX decongestion plan: Is Portland’s decongestion pricing plan any good?

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