Penalize scofflaws: Seattle wants to unclog bus lanes with camera enforcement ($), but that will take a change in state law.

2018 Streetsies: Streetsblog has released their slate of American heroes for the 2018 Streetsies, which includes Washington’s own Roger Millar.

A killer whale: In a gutless move, Trump has signed legislation that will make it easier to kill sea lions in the Columbia River ($).

Green policy: Washington, D.C. wants to fight climate change and passed a strong bill to do it, but what exactly will it do?

Mass incarceration: In a twist, the Washington State Supreme Court has sided with King County to allow continued taxing authority for a new youth jail.

A different big box: A developer in Lynnwood wants to build a new Home Depot store with rooftop parking and 500 apartments ($).

Zoned for options: In Grand Rapids, Michigan, single-family zoning has not existed for a decade.

Big brother: Amazon’s facial-recognition doorbell patent may be setting off the alarm bells over privacy.

Wright architecture: Eight structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright have been nominated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Map of the Week: CityLab has some interesting “persuasive maps” of bygone eras.

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