Doubling capacity: Amtrak wants to double the size of its concourse at Washington, D.C.’s Union Station by 2022.

Early warning: Los Angeles has produced the country’s first earthquake early warning alert app.

Big jump: Jump expanded its private bikeshare service area and will add 2,000 bikes to streets in Seattle.

Tunnel rehab: After Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D-New York) shocking decision to change the rehabilitation plan for the L train tunnel, Amtrak is looking to a similar idea for its New York City tunnel rehabilitation work.

District 7: Michael George enters the race as another competitor for retiring Councilmeber Sally Bagshaw’s seat.

Racist-in-chief: The Trump administration may be targeting a rollback of anti-discrimination disparate impact analysis for fair housing and education ($).

Tammy is in: Tammy Morales is running again for city council, hoping to take Councilmember Bruce Harrell’s seat, but she won’t face Harrell this time around as he’s stepping down.

One for all: Construction of all-gender bathrooms at Cal Anderson Park has begun.

Small set back: Washington’s supreme court has declined to hear Seattle’s appeal of superior court decision against a gross income tax, forcing appeal to a lower court for now ($).

Shovelling responsibility: Why cities should remove snow from sidewalks instead of neighbors.

Pulse on GRTC: How did Richmond, Virginia get such a big bump in transit ridership for so small of an investment?

Housing Californians: California’s new governor has a very bold statewide housing plan.

Saving Cougar Mountain: How did residents in Issaquah save acres of pristine land ($) on Cougar Mountain?

Debate of convenience: In Japan’s highly honorific culture, convenience stores are creating a debate on how speech should be conducted.

44k by 2024: A King County task force is targeting construction of 44,000 affordable housing units by 2024.

Puck planning: Councilmember Rob Johnson will leave office at the end of year and advise the proponents of a new hockey arena at Seattle Center on transportation issues.

It’s complicated: What does a new poll on Seattle area residents reveal on homelessness issues ($)?

Poster girls: The London Transport Museum is highlighting women and their artistic work of London’s beloved transit posters.

Going public: Governor Jay Inslee (D-Washington) wants to create a semi-public option for health insurance ($).

Going backwards: After a three-year decline, carbon emissions rose last year in America ($).

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