Green New Deal: The Green New Deal would dramatically overhaul America’s transportation system if passed. Millennials are supporting the movement en mass.

CA environmental justice: California’s carbon-free electricity bill could bring immense environmental benefits to low-income and minority communities that are often overlooked.

Shrinking popo: Seattle’s police force is shrinking despite efforts to grow it.

An inclusive economy: Richard Florida explains how affordable housing could improve the American economy.

Saving the Showbox: Temporary preservation protections ends on the Showbox in six months, but the process to preserve the building is moving along.

Equitable mobility: Luxembourg’s effort to create free transit is more about social equity goals than congestion and environmental benefits, according to officials.

Race to the bottom: Why do mayors keeping trying to outcompete each in a race to the bottom on tax breaks for businesses?

Holy moly, Seattle: Streetsblog hails Seattle and Minneapolis as the holy grails of transit.

Falling prices: Seattle area housing prices continue to fall to their lowest levels in two years ($).

Not so fast: Amazon may bail on New York City after strong resistance to catering to their corporate welfarism and unmitigated gentrification impacts ($).

True colors: A landlord got very racist when providing public testimony on a bill to reduce and reform the evictions process.

Get organized: Seattle helped ignite America’s labor movement 100 years ago.

Ending Eyman advisory votes: Washington legislators could soon end the expensive and useless advisory votes on taxes that Tim Eyman created.

Don’t be a cheater: Being a repeat high occupancy vehicle lane cheater in Washington could become a much more expensive hobby under proposed legislation.

Dirty poachers: Uber and Lyft are beyond terrible for cities according to Streetsblog‘s litany of grievances.

Zoning reform: Zoning reform is not a magic bullet to getting desired development outcomes, but it is still important.

Progressive tax reform: Low-income and middle-income households may be able to recoup all or some of the sales tax they pay under a proposed bill in the Washington State Legislature.

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