Housing for all: Advocates are asking the Washington State Legislature for another $100 million to address homelessness.

Pausing a race to the bottom: Sound Transit is stepping back on outsourcing operations of bus services ($) to private companies.

The next governor: If Governor Jay Inslee (D-Washington) successfully runs for president, who is in line to take his place?

Slowing rent increases: The rate of residential rent increases continues to slow in Seattle ($).

Approved in Mill Creek: In a split decision, the Mill Creek City Council approved a 350-unit urban apartment development ($).

Opposition to SB 50: Suburban single-family housing interests are very unhappy California State Senator Scott Weiner’s (D-San Francisco) newest land use and housing bill.

Wrath of bad McCleary decisions: Due to budget shortfall created by the Washington State Legislature, Seattle Public Schools could be forced to cut 24 full-time librarians to part-time.

Stop the violence: CityLab highlights three anti-gun violence laws that are working.

Code for curb space: How should cities manage their curb space when everyone wants a piece of it.

New versus old: The Guardian shared several historic transit system maps of cities versus their modern ones.

Refusing to support injustice: Seattle artists are rejecting the call to create public art for King County’s new youth jail.

Amazon in B’vue: Amazon plans to create several thousand jobs in Bellevue ($) in the next few years.

Piloting solutions: San Jose is America’s petri dish for trying out solutions to the affordable housing crisis.

SFR DC: Where are the single-family housing areas in Washington, D.C.?

Bringing cities back: How can America help bring back struggling cities?

Map of the Week: What areas in America are housing costs devouring peoples’ incomes?

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