5G has roadblocks: 5G has its opponents over aesthetics.

Disney’s unique venture: Would Disney really build a nuclear power plant in Orlando?

Hateful leadership: A newly proposed federal housing rule could deny 55,000 children of immigrant families housing assistance.

Fairer burden for roads: Connecticut’s governor wants to toll highways across the state, ending the free ride to many many motorists.

Mixed use: Chicago is trying to make public housing better with inclusion of libraries ($).

War on Americans: The ill-advised tariff war by Donald Trump will increase the cost of ORCA cards ($).

Decongest Seattle: Sightline takes a deeper look at how decongestion charging in Seattle could work.

Lexington’s greenbelt threatened: America’s first greenbelt may be on its way out.

Highway state of mind: Why America’s roads are actually in bad shape.

Not so smart: Smart cities are not necessarily smart enough to consider people’s feelings.

A better way: How could America spend $2 trillion in transportation funding the right way?

Reinvent infrastructure: Paris has ideas to reuse aging infrastructure in a clever, new ways.

First Hill design review: The latest design review for a new development next to First Hill’s iconic First Baptist Church.

Grotesque grandstanding: Donald Trump is trying to clawback nearly $1 billion in funding for high-speed rail in California.

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