Saving the Showbox: Historic Seattle has put in its bid to save the Showbox.

Tribes for the climate: Could tribal treaty rights bolster the ability to sue and force the federal government to address climate change?

Bloated recommendation: The Seattle Department of Transportation curiously recommends extreme expenditures and measures to replace the aging Magnolia Bridge.

Push and pull: As Seattle continues to gentrify, can Chinatown continue to coexist and survive?

New horizons: Guy Palumbo, a major force for housing and land use reform, has resigned his state senate seat to take a public policy director job at Amazon ($).

Revamping Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower’s surrounding park will become even more grand as new gardens are installed through 2024.

Design safer crossings: National transportation leaders are demanding that intersection crossings be designed with pedestrian and bicycle safety in mind.

Out of touch: Mayors nationally think parks and recreation are a priority, but housing isn’t too far behind.

DFW’s apartment bonanza: The Dalles-Fort Worth region is building apartments on a massive scale and at a breakneck speed.

Global street food culture: Netflix has a new series on street food across the globe and it reveals the thriving and threatening nature that such culture faces.

Backing transit: Business groups are coming out strongly in favor of funding transit by Congress.

T-town is hot: Tacoma has managed to become the hottest housing market in the country ($).

Funding social housing: State from Washington will lead to a lot of money going into social housing programs.

Damning: The National Transportation Safety Board has released their recommendations on safety improvements ($) in the wake of the December 2017 Amtrak Cascades derailment.

It’s complicated: Richard Florida looks at how supply-side arguments in urbanism has become so controversial as a topic.

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