Rehabilitated?: Is the new Portland Building still the Portland Building?

Culpability all around: Federal transportation safety officials blast all parties in the 2017 DuPont Amtrak Cascades crash ($).

Not long for this world: Seattle’s private bikeshare companies are upping fees and are being reprimanded by the city.

External influence: Is foreign ownership a primary reason for Vancouver’s affordable housing crisis?

Scoot over: Nashville is kicking out shared e-scooters.

Pricing carbon: New Jersey will put a price on carbon emissions from electricity sources.

OR goes ID stop: Oregon’s state legislature has passed an “Idaho stop” bill for people biking.

Small WA surplus: Washington will see a small surplus of $432 million in the next biennium.

Bikeshare done right: In 2020, Biketown will see a major expansion in Portland and roll out e-bikes.

Vision Zero CA: California has convened a Vision Zero task force that will provide recommendations by the end of 2020.

Vancity transit reinvestment: Over the next nine years, TransLink will spend $1.5 billion on new buses and other transit infrastructure.

Protecting hotel workers: The Seattle City Council plans to pass a package of hotel worker rights and safety procedures after a citywide initiative was overturned.

Apple comes poaching: Apple is making a major expansion to South Lake Union.

Car-free London: London will have a car-free day in September to combat pollution and emissions.

Paris is adapting: Extreme heat in Europe is putting the Paris climate resiliency plan to the test.

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