Streetcar fare enforcement: Seattle is looking at more fare enforcement on the streetcar to reduce security incidents ($).

Post car future: According to The Economist, Europe is leading on how to build the post-car city ($).

Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure: Democrats running for president had a lot to say about infrastructure in last week’s debates.

Big bad wolves?: How did “developer” become such a dirty word ($)?

Overbuilt: American cities require far too much parking according to Boston planners.

Real Manhattan beach: New York City has revealed designs for Manhattan’s first public beach.

Rail first: The German Green Party wants to end domestic air travel by replacing it with a competitive and environmentally-sound rail system.

Baby steps: Congress is taking baby steps in climate-proofing the latest national transportation funding bill.

Greening fleets: The Federal Transit Administration will issue $85 million in funding for next generation buses.

Inequality cycle: New data shows how income inequality and housing inequality reinforce each other.

Drop in the bucket: Amtrak will match Oregon with a $750,000 grant to reduce passenger train delays along Cascadia Corridor.

Rapid construction: Rainier Square Tower is now Seattle’s second tallest tower and building up rapidly using a new construction practice.

Dystopian car visions: The future that the autonomous car industry wants is a terrifying one.

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