Heat islands: India’s cities are becoming urban heat islands.

Highway removal: There isn’t much left of the viaduct, but take a peek at its demise.

Protected intersection: The East Coast’s first protected bike lane intersection is coming to suburban Silver Springs, Maryland.

Deeply unreliable: Which routes are the least reliable in the King County Metro network?

New biz: A new business group is forming in Capitol Hill.

Geography of grads: Which cities do the most and fewest college grads live in America?

SUVs kill: A British transportation safety official has suggested a ban on dangerous SVUs.

Growing cities: The fastest growing cities in America probably aren’t where you think they are.

Inslee for Governor: Washington Governor Jay Inslee has called it quits in his bid for the presidency instead turning his attention to a third term as governor.

Trimming analysis: The United States Department of Transportation plans to limit the information required in infrastructure Environmental Impact Statements.

E-scooters in Chicago: A new pilot program for electric scooters appears to be popular in low-income, transit-weak districts in Chicago.

Parking regs: Port Angeles could end up passing a proposal to nix parking requirements.

Uneven prosperity: While Downtown St. Louis booming, black communities are being razed.

Sea level rise: Egypt’s second largest city could fall victim to climate change and rising sea levels.

Blue WA: How did Washington turn politically blue?

Houston bond measure: Houston residents could vote to approve a major bond for transit expansion in November.

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