September 20th Climate Strike rally at Seattle City Hall. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

End of an era: Long-time writer at Streetsblog USA, Angie Schmitt, says farewell from the publication.

Dirty leadership: At the behest of the occupant in the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency is moving ahead with plans to rescind California’s authority to regulate car emission standards.

Tejas HSR: Texas’ high-speed railroad company may be getting closer to securing the $14 billion needed to construct the system.

Everett pedestrian bridge: In Everett, the Grand Avenue bridge is finally moving into place ($), which will provide an option for pedestrians to reach the waterfront.

Tacoma affordable housing: Forterra has picked up a site in the Hilltop Neigbhorhood in Tacoma for affordable housing development.

Farewell LimePod: Lime’s app-based car rental unit is calling it quits in Seattle ($).

Denying affordable housing: San Diego’s right-wing mayor vetoed inclusionary zoning enhancements.

Increasingly unliveable: Las Vegas is a city rapidly heating every year on average, will it continue to be liveable?

Biketown evolving: Portland’s bikeshare program is poised for big expansion and half of the bikes being electric.

Remove dams: Sightline makes the case in a series of articles that dams on the Snake River should be decommissioned and removed.

SJC banning gas: San Jose is on the verge of becoming the largest city in America to ban natural gas.

Bus stop signs: CityLab highlights examples of really awful bus stop signs and how wayfinding can be improved to gain ridership and rider confidence.

Uber dead: Ridehailing companies may be on the verge of losing their business practice of surge pricing.

The gig biz: In Portland, Uber and Lyft are letting scores of drivers roam local streets under their banner even though their records should preclude them.

SkyTrain urbanism: In the Vancouver area, five highrise residential towers are planned around an inner suburban SkyTrain stop.

Westlake shooting: Last week, three people were shot at Westlake Station. Police have brought the suspected shooter into custody ($) and he has been charged ($) with premeditated murder.

We’re killing avians: In a matter of 50 years, North America has lost 3 billion birds ($).

Death by beetle: Many trees in Seattle are dying due to beetles.

Siemensstadt 2.0: In Berlin, a major district owned by industrial Siemens is planned for redevelopment with a high-tech twist.

Housing for all: Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has launched a major $2.5 trillion housing platform for all ($).

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