Fracking bans: Should Pacific Northwest cities ban fracked gas in new buildings?

Helpful data: Spin plans to provide e-scooter data to help build safer streets.

Bay Area transit: The Bay Area has a $100 billion transit priority investment list. Meanwhile, a BART extension to San Jose is headed for station opening delays.

Unsprawling the Garden State: New Jersey wants to undo its sprawl.

Traditional street vending: Is Delhi’s book market too messy for the modern day?

Changing modes: In Washington, D.C., commuters are driving less and using more transit.

Temporary household growth: Household sizes in America are growing for the first time in 160 years.

Smog valley: In California, residents in the Central Valley are terrified at the prospect of more pollution do to the occupant of the White House’s awful environmental priorities.

Denver’s big rezone: A zoning change in Downtown Denver could greatly change the city’s skyline.

Highway avoided: Vancouver settles on not elevating a street to a highway.

1% benefits: With coming census tract changes, “opportunity zone” boundaries could end up changing soon.

Blocking the snatchers: The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement have not been able to secure rights at airports in Bellingham and Everett to deport undocumented immigrants.

Bangladesh’s forgotten: The world’s biggest refugee camp is becoming a functional city.

Withering away: An iceberg bigger than Los Angeles broke off of the Antarctic shelf.

North Shore transit: The British Columbia government will begin planning work for high capacity transit in North Vancouver.

Grand opening: The Expedia campus in Smith Cove opens to the first staff on Monday ($).

The 1970s haunt: Who’s afraid of the pedestrian mall?

Rename CHH: Capitol Hill Housing is thinking about a new name.

Fare capping: Fares increases on BC Ferries will be capped at 2.3% annually through 2024.

Pushing people: Tacoma’s parks district has decided to ban tents in parks.

SOV is SOV: At the behest of the federal government, Virginia is finally kicking single-occupant vehicles out of high occupancy vehicle lanes.

Banking on SFRs: How did corporations quickly snap up single-family residential properties to rent them across America?

Lacking inclusive growth: The Rust Belt highlights the inclusive growth problem in America.

Be like China: China is opening new rail projects big and small across the country at a fast pace.

Vancouverism: The South Granville Station planned for the Broadway SkyTrain in Vancouver will have a five-story commercial building on top. Vancouver is also reimagining Broadway as a “great street”.

Real environmentalism: Environmental review and appeals led to California canceling a high desert freeway project.

Okay, do it: The United States Environmental Protection Agency has threatened California that it would force the state to spend highway money on transit.

Counterintuitive: “Cool” reflective pavement in Los Angeles may actually be the opposite on hot days.

Courtyard housing: Using a courtyard approach, more family units will be able to be developed in a Vancouver multifamily project.

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