Free transit: In Tacoma, all public high school students will get free transit passes.

Shutdown avoided: Major transit strike has been avoided in Vancouver, British Columbia as TransLink operators agree to tentative deal with management.

Decongesting SF streets: San Francisco is taking another look at decongestion pricing.

Sounds like Washington: Connecticut has come up with a $21 billion transportation package that is status quo highway pork over sustainable, equitable transportation options.

CA’s multifamily spike: Multifamily permitting is rising for housing as the new-build rate grows in California.

Runnability: What would a city’s run score look like?

Regulate AVs: The federal government is still debating what to do about autonomous vehicles despite their extraordinary danger to the general public as they undergo testing.

Affordable housing contributions: As part of its community benefits package to Arlington County, Amazon is proposing affordable housing contributions for its new HQ2.

Uniformity in surplussing: A California judicial decision has set a precedent under statute that charter cities, like San Jose, cannot adopt less stringent affordable housing requirements for surplussed land.

Going RER: Moscow just heralded the opening of two new suburban passenger rail lines modeled on Paris and Berlin with more to come.

SB 35: How is California’s new fast-track permitting law for heavily affordable, income-restricted housing projects performing?

Reducing delivery impacts: Paris wants to tax Amazon deliveries to reduce congestion and carbon emissions.

Ban SUVs: The United Nations is not hot on sports utility vehicles, which are growing in number and harming the planet.

There are better solutions: Residents in the Gold Bar and Sultan area want a new bypass highway ($).

VMT: California’s transportation department is dropping the level of service standard in favor of vehicle miles traveled to assess projects.

Staying put: The rate of Americans moving around has hit a 72-year low.

Not a panacea: Many states are now taxing online retail sales, but if the goal is to reverse the brick and mortar retail apocalypse, it probably won’t succeed in doing that.

Potty success: San Francisco’s pilot program for 24/7 public bathrooms appears to be a success and poised for expansion.

Map of the Week: Where is flooding most affecting property values in America?

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