Everett with the harbor in the background. Downtown Everett has been a growth focal point, passing over the rest of the city. (City of Everett)

Windshield view: Oregon has a new state transportation secretary who greatly misunderstands how climate change works because he is a highway builder at heart.

New bike regs: Portland has passed a major update to its bike parking code.

TOD in DC: Washington, D.C. is looking toward transit-oriented development to form its regional long-range plan.

We’re number one: Washington is the most bike-friendly state in the country for 2019.

Toronto’s plan: Toronto’s mayor hopes to raise property taxes for more transit and housing.

Fare-free: Kansas City has made transit fare-free.

Cashless America: What are the downsides of going cashless?

Bad management: Landlords in Washington are actively trying to circumvent a new renter-protection law.

New tolls: Could Los Angeles end up tolling I-405?

LVT: Could Detroit tackle its many parking lots with a land value tax?

Naming rights: Should we care about selling transit naming for revenue?

Not this year: Massachusetts’ housing choices bill stalled out in the legislature this year.

Energy costs differ: Neighborhoods with higher rates of people of color tend to spend more on energy bills per household.

Doing the cuts: Could cuts come to transportation anyway even with I-976 on hold?

Inequity at play: In California, homeowners have 20 empty bedrooms for every homeless person in the state.

Kent makes changes: Kent moves to regulate Airbnbs and further limit household sizes.

Cheers, Uber: London has taken away Uber’s operating license.

UN on housing: To combat climate change, a United Nations report suggests allowing more multifamily development.

Not blocked yet: Everett may end up letting a supportive housing project move forward after all, but with more design requirements ($).

Rose Lanes: Portland’s new bus lanes appear to be performing well.

Monorail: Is a monorail for Maryland a ridiculous idea?

Vacancies: Vacant properties remain widespread across America despite its housing crisis.

Map of the Week: Where is there the most wage inequality in America?

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