The waiting hall at Los Angeles Union Station.
The waiting hall at Los Angeles Union Station.

Florida rail expansion: Virgin Trains USA is already installing new tracks as Orlando International Airport as part of their mid-Florida expansion.

Goodbye archives: The national archives facility in Seattle could be closing.

Clearing the trail: King County wants property owners along Lake Sammamish to remove their structures from the East Lake Sammamish Trail right-of-way ($).

PDX fourplexes: Sightline highlights why Portland legalizing more fourplexes would be a big deal.

A hindrance?: Pierce County has been landbanking property in Downtown Tacoma, but it may be hindering investment and time to divest ($).

Deadly smoke: A new study indicates that Washingtonians are more likely to die during smoky wildfire events.

Revamping Union Station: Union Station in the national capital will get a big revamp, but does it come with too much parking?

Research Triangle rail: Could commuter rail come to Raleigh-Durham?

Speeding up shelter: A California bill would allow homeless shelter projects to skip environmental review.

Linkage fee vote: San Francisco voters will get to weigh in on a commercial linkage fee.

Will they act?: Will Washington help raise more revenue to address the homelessness crisis?

Idaho Stop: The Washington State Legislature appears poised to tackle legalization of the Idaho Stop, which would allow people biking to treat stop signs as yields.

Clean cut: Clean energy tax breaks don’t make it into the national budget.

Hydrogen: Can hydrogen make a comeback?

Operator shortage: The Bay Area is dealing with a severe transit operator shortage, which is leading to many cancelled and reduced services.

Pedestrian-oriented street: Houston isn’t known for its walking and biking culture, but it plans to deliver big improvements for a downtown pedestrian-oriented street.

Bleeding cash: Why do micromobility companies keep losing money?

Baltimore: Harborplace was supposed to turn Baltimore around, but what happened?

Hill projects: Capitol Hill Housing eyes a mass timber affordable housing project on E Union St and substantial public art pieces are set to feature prominently in Midtown Square.

Canal houses: How have Amsterdam’s canal houses remained for over 300 years?

Ridership rebounding: What’s behind the recent gains in public transportation in America?

Gun shy: Washingtonians want stricter gun laws, but will the state legislature deliver?

Under investigation: The national Opportunity Zone program is under investigation by the Treasury.

Austin’s in for transit: Austin has a massive transit package coming together and that voter will likely weigh in on this fall.

Missing middle catching fire: A missing middle housing act has been filed in the Nebraska State Legislature.

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