A proper cycletrack in Victoria, British Columbia.
A proper cycletrack in Victoria, British Columbia.

Pandemic planning: CityLab explains how global pandemics are also an urban planning issue.

Adaptive reuse: The historic Georgetown Steam Plant will become a hub for arts and innovation.

America votes: Planetizen has a rundown of some of the top planning and land use votes across American from Super Tuesday.

Future connections: A complete regional trail network in South King County is surprisingly close.

No sick time: With the novel coronavirus spreading, many people still don’t enough or any sick time because of how they are employed.

Valley trail: The Yakima Nation Tribal Council in Eastern Washington has proposed 150 miles of trails from White Swan to Union Gap.

YIMBY USA: A national YIMBY bill is making progress in the United States House of Representatives.

BRT for PHX: Phoenix is looking at six possible corridors for bus rapid transit.

Civil emergency: Seattle has enacted a Proclamation of Civil Emergency over the novel coronavirus spreading in the city and region.

Net ecological gain: A net ecological gain could become a requirement in Washington’s building codes.

Failed system: Anna Zivarts, a mobility advocate with Rooted In Rights, argues that Washington’s next transportation should be less car-dependent and more focused on walking, rolling, biking, and transit.

Climate pact: On the East Coast, the public appears to be more onboard with a regional climate pact that state governors.

Lethal politics: Kent tried to block a temporary quarantine facility for potential novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patients but lost in court. Similar local politics could hamper the response to contain the novel coronavirus.

ADU bonanza: Illinois flirts with statewide allowance for accessory dwelling units.

LRT TOD: Expansion of light rail in New Jersey is expected to spur new development on the new line.

Scofflaw: According to a study, scofflaw scooters are still far less than scofflaw cars.

Viral census: The United States 2020 census is only a few weeks away and important to planning efforts across government, but the spread of the novel coronavirus could hamper those efforts.

Livable: Vienna is routinely called one of the most livable cities in the world, but is it really?

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