The Emergency: A national emergency has been declared over the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Washington State Legislature has passed $200 million in emergency funding to deal with it.

Cancelled: With the novel coronavirus spreading, it is causing a wave of closures and cancellations, including elective surgery, the cruise season, large gatherings and schools, libraries, and other community programs.

Eviction moratorium: A moratorium on residential evictions will be imposed in Seattle.

Struggling: Many industries begin to feel the pain of closures due to the novel coronavirus with layoffs in the food industry and even The Stranger.

Slow-walking progress: The Washington State Legislature failed to adopt a clean fuel standard even though it is not controversial and has the backing of many local officials. But a common-sense bill requiring an increase the sale of electric vehicles as a share of car sales has been passed, though advocates want to go much further.

Bigger Charm City: How much bigger could Baltimore have been?

A new path: A new bike path under SR-520 in Montlake has now opened.

Don’t be Philly: Why are parades and pandemics a really bad mix?

Families first: A major bill to provide sick time, testing, unemployment benefits, and food has passed the nation’s House of Representatives to deal with the novel coronavirus.

Go by bike: Bike commuting is on the rise in New York City ($) as the novel coronavirus takes hold.

San Francisco: What happened to San Francisco’s Market Street after it went car free?

Mega-city: The creation of a very large city of urban unincorporated areas ($) of Pierce County will be studied.

Lucrative slots: In the midst of falling demand, why are airlines running empty or near empty “ghost planes”?

Upheld: Portland’s comprehensive plan through 2035 has made it through a big legal hurdle.

A new hope: Progressive Sherae Lascelles is taking on long-time Representative Frank Chopp (D-Seattle) for the 43rd Legislative District.

Trees are good: London’s trees are delivering immense economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Decline and impacts: Transit ridership is cratering across the globe and could have a lasting impact on funding due to the novel coronavirus.

The bike bridge: Construction of the world’s longest bike bridge has begun in The Netherlands.

Freeways are revolting: There could be a new age of freeway revolts in places like Texas and Portland.

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