Reservations necessary: Intercity Transit will be requiring reservations ahead of time to make essential trips on transit.

Trail improvement: An improved I-90 bike trail connection is coming to factory later this year.

Putting people first: For years, social welfare and worker protections were derided by right-wing ideologues, but now they are being expanded and held up as necessary during the pandemic.

Halt: Sound Transit has stopped most construction projects ($) due to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Do it right: Crosscut explains how and when to wear face masks to protect yourself and others.

Lowering traffic deaths: Traffic deaths are falling in California as people drive less due to the statewide stay-at-home order.

Not so generous: Federal relief act is not as generous to transit as some might think.

Second homes: Where do wealthy people own second homes in Washington and why are communities concerned about them ($) staying in those places?

Metro’s operators: What is like to be a King County Metro transit operator in the midst of a pandemic?

Weakening protections: A portion of New York’s rent control law has been struck down by the state supreme court.

Emptying food banks: The pandemic could wind up clearing out Washington food banks in the next two weeks.

Crook: Tim Eyman will have to pay up at least $270,000 mid-April for his dirty deeds; he still owes millions in fines.

Parks online: Some parks are going online to connect people with the outdoors during the pandemic.

Comforting souls: Religious leaders are adapting to the stay-at-home order to tend to their parishioners and provide rites to COVID-19 victims.

Open streets: Many cities like Denver and Oakland are leading the way on open streets during the pandemic.

Rental assistance: Qualifying low-income households in King County could get emergency rent assistance due the pandemic.

Pandemic privilege: The pandemic exposes the class divide in cities.

Resolving issues: Bikesharing parking issues in Seattle now can be reported through Find It, Fix It.

Ballot blocked: Signature gathering for ballot initiatives are failing as people stay home and social distancing is practiced.

Importance of parks: The epidemic has put parks front and center for many people.

The last pandemic: Knute Berger explains how landlords and bootleggers ruled Seattle’s last pandemic.

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