Inadequate: The CARES Act has come up short for transit and existing formulas for funding are inadequate.

Scott Walker’s ghost: Wisconsin’s Democratic governor is still moving forward with a misguided highway expansion project.

The real looters: Neoliberalism has been a period of extreme looting of American prosperity ($).

Skip the commute: One third of Americans want to skip their commutes and stick with working from home.

Ranked choice voting: Civil rights groups in Yakima are fighting disenfranchisement through Washington’s Voting Right Act.

Metro matters: King County Metro is moving to cut back on part-time operators. Meanwhile, Metro’s General Manager is leaving the agency for a job in Missoula.

Parking minimum haircut: How do parking minimums work against desired development?

Maximizing transit: What would it take to maximize transit ridership?

Belt loosening: Maryland’s Republican governor is pushing hard to greatly expand the freeways that make up the Beltway in a draft environmental impact statement.

Housing market conundrum: In June, the housing market was still red hot in America despite the pandemic. Meanwhile, national mortgage delinquencies have spiked ($).

Too many chefs: Caltrain is facing a fiscal cliff and needs regional funding support, but help does not appear to be on the way ($).

Polluter-in-Chief: Donald Trump has moved to rollback more federal regulations to protect the environment ($) from construction activities. He also has blocked a decongestion pricing initiative in New York City.

Park bikes, not cars: London wants to replace 2,000 car parking spaces with bike parking.

ADMG YIMBYs: Churches are looking to affordable housing developments on surplus property to sustain their religious communities.

Bike PDX: Portland is expanding public bikeshare boundaries and adding 1,500 e-bikes.

Hitting the ground: Census takers have started going door to door to get responses from people who did not or could not respond online.

Elegant design: A designer has developed a very sleek modern design on Milan’s historic trams.

Climate action: Joe Biden’s climate plan would spend $2 trillion over four years on green initiatives.

Missing Link sagas: Ballard’s Missing Link has been dealt yet another setback in court ($) but Seattle Bike Blog portrayed it as a temporary setback that targeted technicalities rather than the substance of the plan, which would complete the Burke-Gilman Trail by upgrading a crash-prone sections lacking facilities for people biking, rolling, and walking.

Raise revenue: Most Americans think it’s time to raise taxes and fees for driving to pay for infrastructure needs.

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