Progressive leadership: For the first time, Democrats have formed a majority on Philadelphia’s regional transit agency.

LRT in Kent: Light rail construction in Kent begins to take shape.

South Boston redevelopment: A mega-project could transform a bayside area of South Boston.

NC’s HSR grant: North Carolina has received a federal grant to purchase land for a high-speed rail corridor between Richmond and Raleigh.

The Stream: Pierce Transit finally has a name for its planned bus rapid transit system: Stream ($).

Big challenge: Sherae Lascelles is challenging Frank Chopp, giving Chopp a very tough reelection campaign for the first time in decades.

Future of WFH: The San Francisco Bay Area’s regional transportation planning agency thinks maybe 60% of the workforce should work from home permanently.

Command and control: California’s governor wants to outlaw gas-powered cars by 2035.

Surging bike sales: An economist with Oregon’s state transportation department says that bike sales in the state have surged 56% over last year.

Bad act: Congress has extended the FAST Act, which sells out non-drivers.

Environmental terrorism: A new report quantifies the environmental damage that Donald Trump and his administration’s ($) actions have wrought.

Hanoi’s shophouses: Bloomberg CityLab focuses in on Hanoi’s shophouses which contrast the city’s capitalist and communist past.

NYC highrise: A building in New York City could rise 2,400 feet, weaving back and forth and act as a carbon filter.

Denver’s new line: Denver has finally opened its N Line commuter rail route.

Ahead of Washington: Oregon’s state transportation department is considering construction of a car-free bridge in Oregon City.

Toronto inclusionary zoning: Toronto’s planning chief wants to pursue inclusionary zoning for affordable housing.

No drive-throughs: We still don’t need drive-throughs, Strong Towns argues.

Purple Line woes: Maryland’s Beltway Purple Line construction woes continues as work comes to a halt ($).

Canada’s affordable housing: Canada’s federal government promises $1 billion in affordable housing funding for cities.

Touch up: Capitol Hill’s Black Lives Matter mural gets a new paint job to keep it intact.

Differently lit: Greater Greater Washington explores why the city lights of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore look markedly different from space.

Texas HSR greenlit: The proponents of high-speed rail in Texas have gotten a greenlight from the federal government to proceed with construction.

House people: What’s stopping King County from opening more homeless shelters?

Infection-proofing: Other infectious diseases defined the design of the bathroom. Will Covid do the same?

Amtrak crisis: Amtrak is cutting long-distance service in rural America, which could gravely hurt communities.

Zoning controversy: Rezoning proposals for NoHo and SoHo in New York City have met controversy.

Backward policy: Joe Cortright says that monthly transit passes should not cost so much more than parking permits.

Union Station renovation: New renderings of a revamped and expanded Union Station in Washington, D.C. have been unveiled.

Sheet metal houses: How do sheet metal houses that dot Reykjavík beat the winter?

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