Our next president: Joe Biden will become America’s next president ($).

Celebration: Seattleites celebrated the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Capitol Hill.

The Gov: Jay Inslee has won reelection for a third term to govern Washington.

Rail authority: Virginia’s new passenger rail authority just met for its first time.

Going green: Clean energy won big at the ballot on election day.

PDX votes: In Portland, a transit measure has failed and Ted Wheeler has won reelection as mayor.

Winning/losing measures: Planetizen outlines the status of major transportation, housing, environmental, and land use measures.

Cultural preservation: Seattle is creating a new cultural space agency to secure buildings for arts and cultural groups.

Evicted: Renters are being evicted despite moratoriums in place.

Free: Cincinnati has voted to make the city’s streetcar permanently free.

The Supreme: Meet Washington’s first Native American supreme court justice who has won reelection.

Uber bad: California’s Prop 22 is a big handout to ridehailing companies and unsustainable transportation.

Controversial: A controversial bus rapid transit project is moving forward to serve communities from Los Angeles to Pasadena.

Future curbside: What are the future uses of curbside areas?

Progressive action?: Washington Democrats may finally be able to act on cleaner fuel standards and capital gains tax with more progressive on hand.

Human right: Mexico has declared mobility to be a human right.

Rent: A new study says that older Americans may be better off renting.

Designing for dementia: Greater Greater Washington explains that good urban design can make places dementia-friendly.

Farewell Paris: The United States has official left the Paris Accord ($), at least until Joe Biden assumes office.

Chicago investments: Chicago has a new approach to capital investments public infrastructure.

Abolish the EC: Black Lives Matter is now looking to dismantle the Electoral College, a racist institution that selects the president.

TOD tax break: A Maryland county has passed a transit-oriented development tax break, overriding a veto of the county executive.

Going remote: Crosscut explains how the Washington State Legislature is planning to go remote in 2021 as the pandemic continues.

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