Racial justice lens: Texas shows how the new Biden administration is more likely to respond to racial justice concerns with transportation projects.

Catching up: Crosscut highlights how racial groups that had been lagging in vaccination rates are catching up.

New traffic manual: Advocates are saying that the federal government needs a new national traffic control manual.

Deadly year: New data confirms that American pedestrian fatalities ballooned in the first half of last year.

Cruising speeds: A study shows that cruise control use by drivers is linked to a higher likelihood to speed.

Uptown bikes: Construction on bike lanes in Uptown has begun.

Portland planning: Concerns have been raised over whether Portland’s inclusionary zoning requirements have dampened housing production and the city’s building permit system is under fire.

Plaza open: Capitol Hill Station’s plaza has opened and the farmers market is poised to open there in April.

Safer Aurora: An Aurora Avenue group wants to push for a safer corridor.

Chuck wants EVs: Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) wants to go big on electric vehicles.

Incentives for rezoning: Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) has a bill that issue $1.5 billion in grants to reform zoning for more urban housing.

Successful IZ programs: What is the secret sauce for successful inclusionary zoning programs?

Philly at odds: Philadelphia’s rezoning process is in a state of chaos.

Georgetown tragedy: A person on bike was struck and killed this week by a driver in Georgetown.

Buffalo de-parked: Streetblog USA looks at how Buffalo moved away from parking requirements.

Short-term regs: Atlanta has placed more requirements on short-term vacation rentals.

Bus and bike Portland: Portland has finally rolled out new bus stations for the Division Transit Project and the designs also work well for bikes.

Bygone era: Publicola highlights how Washington’s latest transportation budgets show that the state is stuck in a bygone era drunk on highway building.

New Cali AG: California Governor Gavin Newsom has appointed progressive Rob Bonta as Attorney General who favors tenant rights and housing.

Legislative scramble: In the wake of a statewide court case, Washington legislators are scrambling to address drug possession legalization.

Closing temporarily: The Montlake Bridge will close for a month in the summer to deal with maintenance.

Mini-roundabout: Portland will rollout the city’s first mini-roundabout.

Canadian carbon tax: Canada’s high court finds that the country’s carbon tax is constitutional.

Suburbs walk: In 2020, suburbs saw the most increase in pedestrian activity.

New climate plan: California has issued a new Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure.

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