Zoner-in-Chief: President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan includes language about grants for local jurisdictions to end exclusionary zoning practices and parking minimums.

Proceeds: Oregon’s bike tax has sent over $11 million to off-street paths.

London by bus: Looking at London, what can bus-only lanes and camera enforcement do for buses?

Recall: The Washington Supreme Court rules that a recall campaign of Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant can proceed.

Covid WA: Beginning April 15th, all adult Washingtonians will be eligible to receive a Covid vaccine. Meanwhile, Washington is doing a good job vaccinating multigenerational households and King County could move back to Phase 2 if trends don’t improve ($).

Go by bike: Pop-up bike lanes installed in cities during the pandemic have increased biking and reduced emissions according to a European study ($). Bloomberg Green also highlights how switching from driving to biking can make a huge dent in emissions.

Wave energy: The United States is finally looking at how to unlock the potential of wave energy.

Wind energy: The Biden administration wants to encourage offshore wind energy in New York and New Jersey ($).

Regional homelessness: Marc Dones will become the CEO of the King County Regional Homeless Authority ($). Dones also laid out priorities for the agency this week.

Quizzing geography: The New York Times has a geographic quiz of how neighborhoods voted in the 2020 presidential election ($).

Blocked by Amazon: A planned Amazon warehouse in Philadelphia has become an obstacle to the local transit agency building a new trolley facility.

Industrial tree canopy: Seattle’s industrial districts could use more tree canopy according to an op-ed in Crosscut.

Back on track: The Washington State Convention Center expansion seems to be back on track with private funding coming through to bridge a financial gap.

Missing Link continues: A state court says that a new hearing is needed for the Missing Link project in Ballard.

No new roads: Austin wants Texas to reconsider expansion of I-35.

Brownfield to park: Denver turns a waterfront brownfield into a park.

Affordable means affordable: New affordable housing in New York City must come with free broadband access.

Rent trends unequal: Renters for wealthier households are coming down, but not so for lower-income households ($).

Red state politics: Ohio looks to restore transit funding, but will it stick?

ST fare reform: Fare reform legislation for Sound Transit moves forward in the state legislature.

Progressive priorities: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg recently spoke to House members about his priorities.

We are one: Snohomish County officials want assurances that Link light rail expansion projects will remain on-time in the county even though all subareas face funding shortfalls and higher costs ($).

NY road pricing: The United States Department of Transportation is helping move New York’s decongestion charge planning process forward.

Win at SCOTUS: The Supreme Court of the United States declined to hear a case on pedestrians lingering on medians in a win for advocates.

ADU boom: Accessory dwelling units have become a gradually increasing share of California housing production since statewide liberalization laws were enacted.

Moratorium extended: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has extended the national eviction moratorium through June.

VMT sagas: A vehicle miles traveled tax looks to be dead at the federal level, but Streetsblog asks if we should implement it.

20% reduction: The Scottish government has developed a plan to reduce car use by 20% in the next 10 years.

Dallas subway: Dallas has okayed a subway connector project.

Swedish green living: The Guardian takes a look at Malmö’s approach to building green districts.

Amazon’s Bellevue digs: Amazon’s new towers in Bellevue will have features similar to the Seattle campus such as bike stalls, daycare, and an arts center ($).

Cleveland townhouses: Architects in Cleveland are concerned about the proliferation of townhouses that are poorly design in relation the public realm and are hoping for changes.

Lowrise blaze: A small apartment building slated for redevelopment in Capitol Hill went up in flames.

Sold: The old Bon Marché building in Downtown Seattle — most recently anchored by Macy’s — has sold for $600 million ($).

Tax business: What profitable big businesses are avoiding paying federal taxes ($)?

Tension: Parking enforcement of the 72-hour rule returns to Seattle but there is tension over it.

Investing in Detroit: Billionaire Dan Gilbert plans to invest $500 million to revitalize Detroit neighborhoods.

Regional rail vision: A regional rail vision for Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. is coming together ($).

OR car-free bridge: A new car-free bridge is being planned for Oregon City-West Linn.

Free transit: Boston is piloting free transit for up to 1,000 workers in select commercial districts.

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