Northgate Link opening: Sound Transit has announced that the Northgate Link extension will open on October 2nd ($).

E Union St: In Capitol Hill, E Union St will get protected bike lanes this month.

Keeping the fountain: A project to keep the water fountain at Cal Anderson Park intact will move forward.

Bike the Columbia: I-205 over the Columbia River has a bike lane right in the middle of the highway.

Bad for climate: With the pandemic still going, transit ridership remains low which is very much a bad thing for climate impacts ($).

Housing near transit: Sightline looks at how an Oregon bill focused on housing near transit could make better use of transit infrastructure, but the bill was controversial and died.

Hostile architecture: Some hostile architecture has been put in place by the library branch in Ballard.

Unserious trolls: Republicans in Congress are planning to release “climate” policy proposals, but it’s not clear how they can even be classified as such.

The Gateway project: The Biden administration is speeding up environmental review for the cross-Hudson Gateway rail project in New York and New Jersey.

Hoboken’s vision: What’s the story behind Hoboken’s Vision Zero efforts and three years of no fatalities?

HUD’s plans: The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has a new annual budget requests that would add billions in important housing investment categories ($).

No more freeways: In Oregon, advocates are suing to stop a frivolous I-5 highway expansion in Portland.

Fireside chat: Our Senior Editor Ryan Packer talks with Tom Fucoloro of Seattle Bike Blog about the biggest stories Ryan covered in the past few months while filling in for Tom.

The 72-hour rule: Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant wants to stop restoration of the “72-hour rule” for on-street parking.

Free transit: Charlottesville is planning to use federal recovery dollars on three years of free transit.

Solar panel canals: A study in California looks at how large freshwater canals could incorporate solar panels for energy production.

Fighting Covid: Seattle received 30,000 doses of vaccine this week and Lumen Field had its busiest vaccination day yet on Wednesday.

Reopened: Brooklyn Ave NE reopened in the University District after years of closures for light rail construction.

TDM: Denver wants developers to help contribute to reduced driving through transportation demand management plans.

Wall Street housing: A debate is brewing about housing and institutional investors.

Threatened public space: Three months after the January 6th insurrection orchestrated by the former treasonous president, are public spaces in Washington, D.C. making a comeback?

On the agenda: With the upcoming Seattle elections, voters will have an opportunity to weigh in on whether or not to defund the police.

New againn: At Hanford, next generation nuclear energy production could be on the way ($).

Malls are dying: A massive Los Angeles mall has gone up for sale and the community wants to buy it to drive redevelopment. Meanwhile, a major Phoenix mall has closed and is up for significant mixed-use redevelopment.

Congestion and falalities: What’s the relationship between traffic deaths and congestion?

E-scooters and transit: Greater Greater Washington argues that e-scootershare programs should work with transit.

Long live the city: A lot of ink has been spilled on remote work and death of the city, but it’s probably all significantly overstated.

B Line greenlit: Denver’s B Line commuter rail extension to Longmont and Boulder has been greenlit.

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