Clean electrification: David Roberts emphasizes the importance of clean electrification as a means to combat climate change.

Redevelopment plans: Plans are still underway for redevelopment of a Capitol Hill Safeway property.

Open again: On Sunday, the Capitol Hill branch of the Seattle Public Library will reopen.

Tree inequity: Mapping exposes just how divergent tree canopy coverage is by community wealth.

Gig labor: With the e-scooter boom in motion, how should labor terms apply?

Canadian rail: Canada is poised to bring high performance passenger rail between Québec City and Toronto, which has reignited interest in high-speed rail from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Freeway Park improvements: Ryan Packer reports on targeted improvements moving forward at Freeway Park.

Zoom boom hopes: The Midwest is hoping to make digital comeback through Zoom and work from home changes, but will it really work?

New scootershare company: Spin is back in Seattle with a new e-scootershare option.

Complete Streets: Alexandria is looking toward bus rapid transit and bike lanes on a city street.

High traffic deaths: Liz Giordano profiles how Seattle’s District 2 has been an epicenter for traffic deaths.

Backing flood control: Houston’s county wants to use road toll revenue to back bonds for flood control.

Vacancy tax: Toronto is considering a vacancy tax for empty housing.

Too damn high: Rents across the country are rising near pre-pandemic estimates, except for a few big cities.

Anti-commercial: What’s the problem with anti-commercial opposition?

Columbus BRT: Partial funding for a bus rapid transit system in Columbus has been approved.

DC comp plan: Washington, D.C.’s new comprehensive plan has been approved.

Invest in infrastructure: A Citylab article argues that well funded transportation systems the reduce commute times help regions boost productivity and economic development.

Corrosive: There’s corrosion at the new Colman Dock requiring a pricey fix.

Care or not: Katie Wilson explores whether or not we should care if small landlords sell their properties.

Lid I-5: Is there a climate connection in lidding Seattle’s I-5?

Luring riders back: How can riders be lured back to transit post-pandemic?

Fair Chance to stay: Seattle’s Fair Chance Housing Ordinance wins again in court.

Train talk: Jason Rabinowitz has a technical look at Amtrak’s new locomotive equipment for Venture trainsets being purchased from Siemens Mobility.

Missing middle: Raleigh has made it easier to build townhouses and duplexes in many neighborhooods.

A new endangered species?: With the climate emergency at hand, the ptarmigan could become a newly listed endangered species.

Disband UW police: Some students at the University of Washington want to disband the university police department.

Recall strategy: Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant is aiding a recall effort for a very particular reason.

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