Free transit: Katie Wilson of the Transit Riders Union talks free transit.

NEC improvements: There’s a new plan for the Northeast Corridor that could improve passenger service.

Rebuild or not: Should Washington, D.C. rebuild the pedestrian bridge that recently collapsed over an urban highway?

Revamping Burrard: In Vancouver, SkyTrain’s Burrard Station will close in 2022 for big upgrades and expansion.

Opposition: Opposition at a city council meeting was vigorous to the Portland South Park Blocks Plan.

New safety requirements: Washington, D.C. has added a new safety review requirement for larger development projects in the wake of the Surfside, Florida condominium tower collapse.

Reduced parking requirements: Denver has reduced parking requirements for affordable housing projects.

Out of reach: Most Californians live very close to the beach, but access is very inequitable ($).

New life: Could deserted parking garages get new life as affordable housing?

Bike Portland: Willamette Blvd in Portland is poised to get big upgrades, including 10-foot wide protected bike lanes.

RENFE: Spanish rail company RENFE has been chosen to run the Texas Central high-speed rail line ($).

Garfield Super Blocks: What’s the Garfield Super Block project and where’s it headed?

Postponed: A measure for ranked choice voting in King County isn’t headed to the November ballot after all.

Pete in Oregon: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg visited Oregon last week to talk about ranging transportation priorities.

False narrative: Covid didn’t kill cities, but why was that narrative alluring ($)?

Proterra problems: Philadelphia’s transit agency has been experiencing serious problems with Proterra electric buses, WHYY reports.

Deadly European floods: Vox looks at how climate change fueled the deadly floods in Germany and Northwestern Europe; NPR has a story, too. Sadly, over 100 people have been killed in Germany by the floods.

Sprawling carbon: A study indicates that suburban living is worst for carbon emissions.

EU taking more action: European Union officials have a big plan to cut carbon emissions.

DACA’s big blow: The federal DACA program has been dealt a big blow, but the Administration vows to fight for it.

ECI: What’s in Seattle’s Equitable Communities Initiative for funding?

Not reducing crashes: A new study finds that traffic stops by police are not correlated with reduced crash rates.

Seating Moynihan: Will the new Moynihan Train Hall get more seating space?

Office districts: The New York Times covers the long-standing vulnerabilities of downtown office districts ($).

Value capture: Should value capture be part of the infrastructure package as a pay-for?

Rising power prices: Seattle electricity price rates are set to rise through 2026 ($).

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