A view of Downtown Bellevue from the city’s main park. Bellevue hasn't extended eviction moratorium protections for its tenants. (The Urbanist)

Circuitous train: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting his circuitous LaGuardia Airport train after all ($).

Public space remade: Providence is rethinking how to do public space across the city.

Permanent program: San Francisco is keeping parklets and street cafés, having made them permanent ($).

Bad rap: Paul Krugman argues that cities wrongly get a bad rap ($) and the economic consequences to society as a result.

TOD: Canadian federal minister Catherine McKenna talks about the importance of transit-oriented development in relation to Vancouver.

Big community benefits: A large redevelopment in Portland could have big community benefits.

Suing for accessibility: Disability advocates are suing Baltimore over sidewalk conditions.

Red hot: Redlined neighborhoods are more susceptible to harsher impacts from extreme heat events.

Solving the crisis: Katie Wilson argues what Seattle’s next mayor could do to solve the housing crisis.

Virtual schooling: Though Seattle Public Schools is returning to in-person teaching, there will be a virtual option for students and parents that want it.

Slow the cars: Will Virginia’s new plan to slow down drivers work?

Housing first: The Urban Institute shows how Denver’s housing first policies have been a success.

Carbon taxesque: A tax on carbon-intensive products from abroad has been proposed by Congressional Democrats.

Health Through Housing: Erica C. Barnett looks at King County’s “Health Through Housing” homelessness plan.

Peer solutions: In addressing homelessness, do New York City and Vancouver offer solutions that Seattle can follow?

Broken reporting: Streetsblog examines why American car crash reporting is so broken.

Bike the Highlands: Scotland has rolled out more bike carriages on a popular scenic train route.

Olympic architecture: See the architecture of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics venues.

New PDX car-free path: Portland’s airport is getting a new car-free path connection.

BOS of PBLs: Adding new protected bike lanes in Boston may have increased bike traffic by 80%.

SkyTrain rezone applications: Vancouver is allowing rezones near SkyTrain stations and now has a streamlined process to consider development applications that would require rezones.

Slowed growth: On the growth rate, suburbs in the Seattle area were growing faster than Seattle in 2020 ($).

Longevity: The New York Times has a nuanced opinion piece on how cities should approach the outdoor dining sheds going forward ($).

Bikeshare reduces costs: A new study suggests that American bikeshare programs save $36 million in public health costs each year.

Ban cars?: In Streetsblog, a column argues that to ban cars they should be socialized (à la carsharing).

Cop-free responses: A new Seattle public safety plan could provide for no-cop response to some 911 calls.

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