Foyer of Jamaica Station in Queens. (Credit: The Urbanist)

A lot to upgrade: Amtrak has its work cut out for it to making all stations accessible to people with disabilities ($).

Charging station issues: What’s wrong with a federal plan for 500,000 public electric vehicle car charging stations?

BIA formation hiccup: Why are some businesses on 15th Avenue E in Capitol Hill opposing a business improvement district?

Covid vaccination sagas: A union representing statewide public employees have settled with Washington’s governor on vaccine mandates ($). King County is imposing a vaccination passport requirement for some business types soon. President Joseph R. Biden will require many employers to mandate vaccines or require regular Covid testing. And it turns out anti-vax staff didn’t cause holiday weekend chaos on the Washington State Ferries network ($).

15-minute cities: Fifteen-minute cities may be important for key access but they might not be enough to guarantee prosperity.

Climate delayers: Obtuse Democratic legislators in California are standing in the way and slowing down the state’s high-speed rail project.

Rent control: St. Paul voters will get to vote on a rent control initiative, but does it go too far?

Abolish billionaires: A billionaire wants to build a desert utopia, but these type of pie-in-the-sky plans usually fail without exception.

Drop off payments: Why are schools paying parents to drop off their kids at school?

Minoru Yamasaki: Knute Berger remembers Seattle’s famed architect Minoru Yamasaki.

Micromobility cutbacks: Washington, D.C. may move to cut back on private micromobility services.

Criteria for transit: What should the criteria be for the federal government to fund transit?

NYC’s flooding problem: The New York Times looks at how Hurricane Ida turned basements into deathtraps ($). But what can New York City do now to prepare for the next major flooding event?

Canada’s highway ban: In Canada, highways aren’t funded by the federal government.

Treat drivers the same: What if drivers had to obey scooter laws?

Spectacular bike rides: What are three spectacular September bike rides in the Seattle area?

Dirty plan: Grist highlights how the EPA might water down its cleanup standards for the Duwamish River only.

Tex-Mex rail: Mexico has proposed yet another plan to connect Monterrey, Mexico with San Antonio, Texas by passenger rail.

No deal: Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff has not had his contract extended yet in a surprise last week with the agency board tabling a decision until its next full meeting.

A good incentive: A rezone is encouraging redevelopment of a marijuana retailer property.

Regressive preemption: In red states, legislators are preempting cities from implementing green policies.

Pulled plug: Boston’s acting mayor has pulled the plug on the city’s harbor plan ($).

Massive evictions: One estimate suggests that 750,000 Americans will be evicted with the end of the national eviction moratorium ($).

New protocols: A ban on policing crowd control methods in Seattle has gone into effect despite no mayoral signature, but there may be legal challenges ahead.

Off-duty patrols: The Downtown Seattle Association is spending quite a bit of money to hire off-duty police to patrol ($).

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