Several trains await at platforms in the train hall of Dresden Hauptbahnhof. (Credit: photo by author)

Zero-emissions district: A Norwegian city is planning a district as completely zero-emissions.

Planning for all: How can less car-centric planning benefit rural areas, too?

Not recreational camping: As the housing crisis persists in the Western US, people are finding refuge in forests.

Gold standard: Bike Portland opines about Paris’ prestigious public bikeshare system.

Tacoma votes: How do Tacoma’s mayoral candidates line up on issues?

Affordable housing effort: Philadelphia has passed a new affordable housing law to encourage more in well-to-do neighborhoods.

Committed to service: Boulder is looking for certainty in getting more transit service by the regional provider.

Stalled: An Atlanta plan for more density stalls out.

Left out: Intercity bus service is struggling to restart due to lack of government assistance.

Dingbats: How did Los Angeles become the city of dingbats?

Walking boom: New data suggests that Americans are now walking more than ever.

Greenest or cautionary: Vancouver wants to be the greenest city, but is the effort a cautionary tale?

Reasons to change: Sightline outlines nine reasons to end exclusionary zoning.

Education Hill: Educational facilities continue to grow in Capitol Hill.

Climate action: How is Illinois taking on climate action?

Related injustices: A study on biking and being Black suggests a relationship between lack of bike lanes and heavy ticketing.

Bike boom: Another report adds credence to the 2020 bike boom.

The interurbans: CityLab documents the history of America’s interurban trains.

LGA train in doubt: New York’s governor has put the LaGuardia Airtrain project in doubt. Could alternatives follow?

ZEV campaign: California will make huge investments in zero-emissions vehicles and infrastructure.

Secret sauce: What’s the secret sauce to California’s statewide zoning reform?

Price it: Bike Portland says that the congestion pricing debate is about to heat up in the region.

Back at it?: Tim Eyman wants to take down the progressive capital gains tax.

Better experience wanted: A new survey says that transit riders want a better overall riding experience post-pandemic.

A godsend: Charles Mudede praises the John Lewis Memorial Bridge in Northgate and talks about his first light rail ride up north.

Insatiable: CityLab tackles the insatiable appeal of highway expansion in America.

Fix the basics: The rider experience in Philadelphia for intercity bus passengers isn’t very good.

E-bike tax credit: What do advocates need to know about the federal e-bike tax credit?

Recall vote ahead: A recall vote on Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant will happen in December.

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