A Red Line MTBA train arrives in Boston. (Credit: Photo by the author)

Week Without Driving: The Everett Herald ($), Real Change News, and The Stranger talk about Disability Rights Washington’s Week Without Driving campaign.

East Side Access: For the first time, New York’s Long Island Rail Road arrived into Grand Central Terminal via the East Side Access.

Canada caps: Canada will put a cap on oil and gas emissions.

At odds: Seattle and King County officials want to keep hotel-based shelter through next year but providers aren’t so sure.

Center lane BRT: Boston’s new center-running bus rapid transit lanes are now open.

UCSB: Have you heard of the plans for a mega windowless dorm in Santa Barbara? A consulting architect has resigned over the project.

Future Penn: New York Governor Kathy Hochul has revised plans for revamping Penn Station and renaming it.

Bike parking: It’s time to talk about bike parking, Streetsblog argues.

Outdoor dining: San Diego has made outdoor dining permanent.

Klimaticket: Austria is instituting a universal public transportation Klimaticket that costs about $3.50 per day.

Cars first: The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework approved has some not so great aspects to it, including potentially anti-pedestrian and anti-bike autonomous vehicle provisions.

Permanent supportive housing: A Tacoma hotel has been sold and will become permanent supportive housing ($).

Provocative art: What’s the meaning behind New York City’s newest great statue?

Car-free America: America may be dominated by cars, but many areas of the country are heavily car-free.

John Oliver’s right: HBO’s commentator and comedian John Oliver does a serious deep dive on homelessness and how to address it.

Grade separation legislation: A new rail grade-separation funding bill has been filed in Congress.

New stops: Capitol Hill is getting some new stop signs at four-way intersections.

New Vancouverism: Canada’s national newspaper says that Vancouver should go big on allowing more housing and focusing on transit.

Bikes fight carbon: Advocates want global leaders to set serious targets for increasing biking as a mode share for climate.

Oregon planning: Bike Portland writes about how new Oregon state planning rules could force a dramatic and positive shift in cities within the state.

BIF goods: What’s good about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework?

Climatic devastation: A study suggests that climate change is the key driver increasing wildfire weather ($).

Restraining seawalls: Crosscut covers how Washington and other coastal states are trying to rein in construction of seawalls.

National elections: St. Paul voters approve rent control. Boston elects a strong urbanist as mayor.

Exclusionary elites: Atlanta’s city council waters down a comprehensive plan update to appease anti-housing activists.

Real climate action: The San Diego region contemplates new road charges and free transit.

Crippling transportation: American automobile loan debt has blown past $1.4 trillion.

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