Outdoor dining on the curb in Salem. (Credit: Photo by the author)

Stop the IBR: A coalition is trying to fight back against a big highway expansion on the Columbia River.

Running dry: New golf courses in Las Vegas won’t be able to get water from the Colorado River.

Good performance: Progressives made some impressive gains in South King County races.

Childcare: What are the real costs of childcare in America?

Progress: China and the United States make some progress together on climate policy ($).

Sign regulations: Another Supreme Court case could reshape sign regulation laws in America.

PDX public bikeshare: Portland’s public bikeshare system is set to further expand.

Apartment boom: In America’s downtowns, there is a boom afoot for apartment construction.

Phase out: Six automakers and 30 countries have announced that they’ll phase out gas-based car sales by 2040 ($).

Bike parking: America needs to center bike parking, Streetsblog says.

Cruel power broker: Robert Moses is remembered for his terrible legacy of building racist infrastructure ($).

America’s climate mayor?: Boston’s new Mayor Michelle Wu could be America’s first real climate mayor.

Don’t drive drunk: A new federal law could make it harder to drive drunk in newer cars ($).

DC Metro: DC’s subway system operate has a testing plan for 7000 series trains and has put more trains in service.

Brooklyn bike boom: A new cycletrack on the Brooklyn Bridge has sent biking rates soaring.

Airport expansion: A master plan for Paine Field could quadruple passenger numbers by 2040 ($).

Neglected policy: Officials finally added to transit to global climate priorities. But transit use will need to double by 2030 to meet targets.

Kickbacks: Opportunity Zones are a real mess.

PNW passenger rail: What could the infrastructure law do for passenger rail in Washington and Idaho?

Eastrail: Another segment of the Eastrail has opened between Renton and I-90.

Polled well: Transit did well this year at the polls.

Car-free Glasgow: Glasgow’s city center is set to go car-free.

Green and healthy: The Guardian writes about how greener streets could lead to healthier cities.

Camera enforcement: New York’s governor is supportive of speed camera enforcement.

BIB: What will Oregon get from the infrastructure bill? California could get a lot for high-speed rail.

Advisories are problematic: Voter turnout was abysmal in Mukilteo, but anti-housing residents did turnout in droves to vote on anti-housing advisory question ($).

Parking or housing?: Will a Santa Monica parking structure become affordable housing?

Eco firetrucks: Vancouver is getting a European-like firetruck that is electric.

Neglected housing policy: National Democrats basically don’t have a plan to combat housing cost inflation.

Nuts and bolts: With the Seattle local elections over, what will be the direction on land use and housing policy?

Gowanus: An agreement on New York City’s Gowanus rezone could facilitate construction of 8,000 apartment units.

Anti-vaxxer lockdown: Austria is heavily cracking down on its unvaccinated population with new restrictions and penalties ($).

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