Stop sprawl: A city in Ontario turned down a massive urban growth boundary expansion and instead favored urban infill.

IBR persists: A key vote in the Portland area removed one roadblock to a major highway expansion.

Car-sized housing: CityLab explores why Hong Kong is building housing units the size of a car space.

Climatic floods: The Guardian covers this week’s Pacific Northwest floods and what’s causing them. What lies ahead for communities like Bellingham?

Toll: City Observatory looks at how tolls reduce traffic.

Deadly traffic: Traffic fatality trends keep heading in the wrong direction and few lawmakers want to address them, but cyclist fatalities appear to be lower.

Shoupism: Parking guru Donald Shoup speaks with Streetsblog.

Police funding: Mayor Jenny Durkan’s police budget has been maintained by the Seattle City Council.

Parking persists: Why does Kaiser Permanente’s Capitol Hill site have so much surface parking?

Mass timber: Vancouver could get a 11-story mass timber building.

Enhancing transit: Atlanta is set to spend $300 million to improve its train stations.

Slow implementation: Seattle received funding for 1,300 housing vouchers but only 10 people have been able to use them ($).

Glass towers: Why shouldn’t buildings be fully made of glass?

Sidewalk crisis: Crosscut takes a look at why so many of Seattle’s sidewalks are so bad.

Fare-free transit: Boston’s new mayor formally proposes a fare-free transit program.

Second tunnel: A second transbay tunnel may be part of a larger rail expansion program in the San Francisco Bay Area.

No more freeways: Freeway projects continue to force out communities of color.

What conservatives do: The United Kingdom’s government has scrapped parts of a major high-speed rail expansion program and made other changes.

De-stroadification: Boston wins $15 million in federal funding to improve a major street for transit and other modes.

High-speed rail: Crosscut explores how high-speed rail may come to the Pacific Northwest and address pressing issues.

Transit is healthy: Improving transit can also improve public health outcomes for patients.

Renewables boom: Renewable energy has boomed in the United States over the past decade ($).

Transition team: Mayor-Elect Bruce Harrell has a massive team of advisors for the transition process.

The French approach: Can a French approach to housing be a lesson in how to build more in America?

Ban Hummers: Streetsblog tells President Joe Biden that electric Hummers are not the future.

Eliminate parking requirements: San Diego has eliminated parking requirements for non-residential uses ($) near major transit facilities and in other cases.

Carbon-eating: Could a carbon-eating skyscraper become a reality?

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Stephen is an urban planner with a passion for sustainable, livable, and diverse cities. He is especially interested in how policies, regulations, and programs can promote positive outcomes for communities. Stephen lives in Kenmore and primarily covers land use and transportation issues for The Urbanist.

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