A multi-unit residential building in Salem, Massachusetts. (Credit: Photo by author)

Be excited: Rep. Peter DeFazio (Oregon – 4th District), a longtime advocate for transit and biking, is retiring, but he has a positive message for sustainable transportation advocates.

Connecting communities: Could the transportation funding law help remove the scars of highways?

Clear bike lanes: Portland has a bike lane sweeper, but it could be used more, Bike Portland says.

Good guidance: The federal transportation department wants governments to use federal funding for more sustainable transportation investments.

Trash bins: Seattle is trying out a $50,000 trash bin pilot program in Capitol Hill.

Capping fares: Fare capping will come to New York City next year.

Still a crisis: New data on homelessness in King County shows that the crisis still persists.

Acer House: What’s happening with the Central District Acer House project?

Reducing noise: A new program for Puget Sound could reduce underwater noise.

Bike boom obstacles: What’s holding back the e-bike boom?

MHA: Townhouse and rowhouse developers want changes to Seattle’s Mandatory Housing Affordability program ($).

Legalizing housing: The New Zealand government has adopted sweeping infill housing and zoning reforms.

Broadway Subway: Construction has begun on the elevated guideway for SkyTrain’s Broadway Subway extension in Vancouver.

SnoCo takes action: Snohomish County has passed legislation that will fund new permanent supportive housing and behavioral health services ($).

DC Metro: In Washington, D.C., 7000 series trains will start returning to service under a new operational safety plan, which should restore service.

College affordability: Affordable housing is a huge problem for American college students and their success ($).

E-scooters: A study suggests that e-scooters may be good for the mental health of riders.

Irish rail: Ireland’s passenger rail provider Iarnród Éireann plans to cut travel times between Dublin and Cork and make other system improvements.

Braille: Vancouver’s TransLink has begun installing braille signs on 8,400 bus stops.

Apartment bans: A proposal in New York’s legislature is taking direct aim at apartment bans.

Missing out: Why are American planners and policymakers missing the e-bike boom?

ADUs: The New York Times looks into accessory dwelling units in California ($).

Rethink parking: Retail parking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and could be repurposed for other uses.

New admin: Bruce Harrell has already started to assemble his management and leadership team.

Abolish state DOTs: Oregon’s transportation department plans to keep on polluting amid the climate crisis.

Natural gas ban: Shoreline has taken action to ban natural gas in certain cases.

Historic preservation is broken: Preservationists want to protect New York City Penn Station, which is universally despised for its awful and inhumane design.

Encampments: Publicola covers Seattle’s latest encampment removal approach.

Highrise city: Vancouver is booming with new highrise projects.

NoHo, SoHo: In New York City, an upzone process is moving forward for NoHo/SoHo.

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