Mural depicting "The First Subway In America 1897" on the wall of Park Street Station in Boston. (Credit: Photo by author)

1974: Multifamily housing construction is the highest since 1974.

Not like the recession: Shelterforce discusses how the pandemic housing market is not like the Great Recession housing market.

People streets: The pandemic encouraged people-oriented streets, but will they stick around?

City Hall Park: Some business and county leaders say that a land swap of City Hall Park won’t fix long-standing problems.

Parking charges: Portland is thinking about an equity and climate surcharge on parking spaces.

Canadian transit: Like America, Canada struggles to build transit projects affordably.

Transit maps: Transit guru Jarrett Walker opines on why transit maps matter.

Community grants: Capitol Hill Seattle Blog highlights how Seattle neighborhood economic recovery grants will be used.

San Fran transit: In 2022, the Van Ness BRT and Central Subway projects will finally open in San Francisco.

SBUX unionization: Some Capitol Hill Starbucks employees want to unionize.

Highway ban: A California lawmaker wants to ban highway expansion projects in historically disadvantaged areas ($).

Education and enforcement: What role should driver education and enforcement play in road safety?

Mayor Wu: Boston’s mayor is making a push to stabilize rents and expand affordable housing ($).

Chain store comeback: Chain stores are making a slow comeback in New York City.

Accessing ridehails: California could make wheelchair access better on railhailing services.

Bikes and buses: An op-ed argues that bikes and buses should no longer be pushed aside in LA ($).

Single-staircase debate: What’s so good about single-staircase apartment buildings?

Texas domain: Texas’ bullet train project is in the line of fire over eminent domain.

Eyman defaults: Anti-transit warrior Tim Eyman has fallen into default, deepening his financial woes and responsibilities to the state ($).

Abolish state DOTs: Portland school officials are planning to move a middle school because Oregon’s transportation department is highway obsessed.

Atlanta Streetcar: Atlanta could be on the way to an expansion of the city’s streetcar line.

Colorado’s transpo priorities: Colorado’s transportation commission has adopted new rules that could push more investment in transit and active transportation.

Wayfinding: Pittsburgh wants to invest in more pedestrian wayfinding.

Texas DOT hearts cars: In Houston, community continues to slam Texas’ transportation department for ignoring racist impacts of its highway expansion plans.

The Downeaster: Maine has a good Amtrak passenger rail program, so what can other states learn from it?

Population trends: Population growth in the United States was anaemic in 2020 ($) while Washington’s growth rate decidedly decelerated ($). Nevertheless, fewer people moved away from cities during the pandemic.

No new roads: The federal government is trying to discourage states from building new highways.

Capital gains: What’s happening with Washington’s capital gains tax and what does it mean for taxpayers?

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