Edmonds anti-streatery: Edmonds’ new streatery policy appears to be scaring businesses off and risks the future of a permanent program ($).

Manhattan rezones: New York City finally approved a rezone of Soho and Noho.

Ocean Drive drives again: Miami’s Ocean Drive will partially reopen to cars after a Covid-era conversion to a people street.

Amtrak progress: Amtrak has proposed a Detroit-Toronto route. Agreements with CSX may also bring positive changes to New England service. Plus, Amtrak service is now faster between Chicago and St. Louis.

T TOD: A new Massachusetts state law would require TOD districts around MBTA stations.

Dodge promotes violence: A viral Dodge ad was taken down this week after outcry over its aggressive use of “predator” language.

DeJoy is a climate-killer: The USPS has a weak decarbonization plan and advocates aren’t happy about it.

Bike lane sweeping: A street sweeper on your bike?

Interborough Express: New York will study a new rail line in New York City.

Highways a dead end: Washington’s transportation secretary said that highway expansion is “a dead end.”

Goodbye, Guild 45th: The Guild 45th’s iconic marquee in Wallingford is gone.

15-minute city, sorta: Utah is building a 15-minute city of sorts, but it has some big drawbacks.

Botched: Promised aid for renters and landlords is still lagging under botched King County administration ($).

Net-zero housing: Ann Arbor has a new net-zero housing project that isn’t just for the rich.

New transpo leader: The Stranger profiled Marko Liias, the Washington State Senate’s new transportation committee chair.

Cash out: Washington, D.C. has a new law requiring that employers pay workers who turn down company-sponsored parking benefits.

Con job: Elon’s pet projects are doing so well.

Expanded digs: Meta is expanding footprint around light rail in Seattle.

Ferry woes: Washington State Ferries’ staffing problems predated the pandemic.

ADU boom: Washington has an opportunity to encourage backyard cottages, but will the state legislature do the right thing?

No expansion: In the New York City area, opposition is mounting against expanding the Holland Tunnel, a car tunnel connecting New Jersey with New York City.

Assertive law breaker: Tesla has an “assertive” driving setting that begs the question of how such an unsafe technology is even allowed.

Speed cameras work: A Chicago study affirms the efficacy of speed cameras in reducing driver speeds and improving safety.

Downsizing golf: Toronto could change direction on city-owned golf courses, slimming them down and converting some to park space.

Joint venture: The Low Income Housing Institute and New Hope Community Development Institute have teamed up to purchase an affordable housing apartment building on S Jackson Street.

Delayed and pricey: The Purple Line light rail projects around Washington, D.C. is headed for more delays and increased costs.

Don’t fetishize old homes: Old homes have a place, but M. Nolan Gray argues they shouldn’t be fetishized.

Builder less parking: Sightline argues that to stop building heat islands, stop overbuilding parking lots, through the lens of Portland.

Staffing low: Seattle’s police force has hit its lowest staffing level in decades .

Redevelopment plans: The next design review for Capitol Hill’s Safeway redevelopment is coming in February.

New station tenant: Capitol Hill Station could get a new tenant soon.

Bronx fire: An apartment building in the Bronx caught on fire and killed 19 tenants last week.

Pandemic redesigned cities?: Wired discusses how the pandemic may permanently redesign cities.

Fare-free transit: Albuquerque has gone fare-free for the year.

Road pricing punt: Vancouver will decide on road pricing after the election this fall.

Philly apartment boom: Philadelphia is on track for a record number of apartment units being constructed this year.

New management: With Eric Adams gone, Borough Hall Plaza in Brooklyn has become car-free.

New zoning laws: California’s new zoning laws are already bearing housing fruit.

Keeping Edmonds down: Anti-housing activists lined up to oppose a downtown Edmonds housing project.

Climate costs: Because of ongoing wildfire risks in California, insurers are looking at raising rates.

Capital bus priority: Washington, D.C. has a bold bus priority plan.

New horizons: Santa Monica has a new program to welcome people back that were evicted by the construction of I-10.

End one-ways: One-way streets are killers.

Filling the gap: Governor Jay Inslee’s proposed budget would cover most of the funding gap for SR-520 projects, including the Portage Bay Bridge and Roanoke Lid.

Upgraded LIPH: Private developers will upgrade a ton of public housing units in New York City.

No public EV-charging?: In an op-ed for NYC Streetsblog, an author argues against buildling EV-charging infrastructure to discourage car ownership.

Affordable housing tech: 3D printing technology could aid in building more affordable housing.

BC favors owners: British Columbia stands alone in how it subsidizes homeowners over renters.

Backyard homes: Portland could make backyard homes more common, but what’s holding them back?

Suburban sprawl crisis: CityLab explains how the pandemic has set off a suburban sprawl boom.

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