A graphic showing the planned elements of the Melrose Promenade
Work is getting started on the Melrose Promenade project in Capitol Hill. (Credit: Pike-Pine Activation Vision and Berger)

Pandemic-era places: Atlanta is removing a pandemic-era experiment of a people-oriented Peachtree Street. Meanwhile, Portland is making a pedestrian street plaza permanent.

Obsolete sewers: Grist details how many cities spend billions on new sewage systems, but their designs may already be obsolete.

Toxic districts: Dallas could impose zoning changes in neighborhoods to deal with the history of toxic pollution.

Slow train: A Burbank airport’s lawsuit could throw a wrench into high-speed rail expansion plans.

Rezone Montana: A Montana think-tank study says that more multifamily housing zoning would ease the state’s housing crunch.

Rising rents: Rents in New York City are rising at twice the national rate ($).

Amazon moves: Amazon is moving workers out of the old Macy’s building in Downtown Seattle.

Regrettable retirement: Boston’s transit agency retired some trolleybus routes over the weekend.

Denver district: Denver wants a more active urban arts district and may require ground-floor retail and set other standards.

Slower streets: 177 miles of streets in Los Angeles will see speeds reduced.

Gas and transit: Will increasing gas prices push people to ride transit?

Transportation competition: Bike Portland looks at which mode (bike, transit, or car) is cheaper.

Seattle Transportation Plan: What are advocates thinking about in terms of the Seattle Transportation Plan?

CEQA reform: California politicians acted swiftly to nullify CEQA’s blockage of student enrollment at UC Berkeley.

Capitol Hill: A major mixed-use development project may be headed to Capitol Hill.

Landlord regulation: Could be legislation be on the way to penalize landlord violations in Seattle?

15 mph street design: A new design guide in Portland could enshrine 15 mph streets.

London ULEZ: Dirty cars in London will pay higher prices to enter parts of the city.

Melrose Promenade: Some work finally starts on Melrose Promenade for people walking, rolling, and biking.

First Hill: Changes to zoning regulations in First Hill could mean taller buildings and historic preservation.

I-5 expansion: The IBR project isn’t meant to benefit everyone.

California investment priorities: Amid a climate crisis, why does California keep building freeways?

Car standards: Federal car safety rating updates won’t address car size.

Vancity growth: Vancouver’s city council approved zoning for hundreds of rental homes and office space at Oakridge Centre.

Fourplexes: How could a San Francisco fourplex law wind up skirting state law ($)?

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