A streetscape in Delft. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

Security theater: New York City’s mayor wants to roll out security theater on the subway with metal detectors.

Streamlining affordable housing: Victoria has eliminated the need for public hearings for affordable housing rezones.

Faregates and fares: Vancouver is spending another $200 million on fare system and faregate upgrades.

Expanding options?: Light rail is expanding housing options for UW students.

Keeping prices high: How the price of old homes depends upon the price of new homes.

E-bike rebates: Denver is offering rebates to buy e-bikes.

GO!: Ontario has issued a massive contract for its GO Transit modernization program.

Broken: Why do states keep expanding freeways?

Empty tax: Vancouver wants to back an empty storefront tax on landlords.

Camera enforcement: Support for camera enforcement increases when put in the context of racial justice.

Duh: One in three homes doesn’t have a car in its garage.

UBC extension: Vancouver’s transit agency outlines stations and alignments for the UBC SkyTrain extension.

Desalination: A desalination plant in California has its detractors ($).

Red state politics: Rural, Republican states are rejecting housing aid funding over regressive political philosophies ($).

Parking reform: Parking reforms for apartments in Dallas have sparked controversy.

United: Seattle Starbucks Roastery workers have voted to unionize.

Demolition: Highrises in Chicago may have to come down to satisfy judges in a federal building who don’t want to put up blinds. A sitting congressman defends the nonsense.

Comp plan: The Capitol Hill Ecodistrict is outlining ideas for the comprehensive plan update.

Drive less: Vision Zero is meaningless unless we get more drivers off the road, GGWash says.

Longer commutes: Despite an uptick in car ownership, commutes among Black people are getting longer.

CRC 2.0: The I-5 replacement and expansion project in the Portland and Vancouver area is set to have light rail. Much of the plan is just a repeat of proposals from the last decade.

For the arts: Olympia has voted for a sales tax increase to fund the arts.

Noise pollution kills: 5% of heart attacks in New Jersey may be linked to noise pollution.

15-minute Cleveland: Can Cleveland become a 15-minute city?

Fares again: Richmond’s zero-fare transit program could end in the summer.

No longer #1: Washington is no longer ranked number one for being bike-friendly in America.

Still in place: Los Angeles’ eviction moratorium holds despite legal challenges.

HSR has support: California voters still support high-speed rail in the state.

Youth ride free: Free transit in San Diego will be available for children up to 18.

Emissions policy: EV incentives may actually be increasing emissions.

State of change: Is NIMBYism waning in California?

Good and bad: The New York Times has picked up on Portland’s freeway fights. But could the paper be worsening transit crime?

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