A commercial block in Downtown Tacoma on Pacific Avenue. (Credit: Stephen Fesler)

A housing czar: Does the Biden administration need a housing czar?

Delayed: Dublin’s first metro line may be delayed now until 2034.

Public order problems: Many American cities face public order problems on transit.

€9 ticket: How is Germany’s €9 ticket for public transit going?

Tunnel vision: Austin is planning a new set of rail transit expansions and is showing off tunnel designs.

Drunk driving penalties: Some pending state bills could ratchet up penalties for drunk driving.

Bad street design: A report indicates bad street designs are escalating the traffic safety crisis.

BI ferry terminal changes: Changes are afoot at the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal affecting people who walk, roll, and bike.

Same standards: What if we held transit and traffic to the same safety standards?

Office park redevelopment: How might the lonely suburban office park gain new life ($)?

SB9: There was a lot of opposition to California’s SB9 housing bill, but it’s not resulting in tons of proposed projects ($).

Relief extension: King County is considering extension of its rent relief program.

Office to housing: Pittsburgh is considering legislation that would seek to fund conversion of offices to housing in the city.

Nothing to learn here: In a bizarre move, the US wants to advise other countries on transportation.

Taxing heavier cars: Is it time to start taxing heavier cars more in cities?

Decongesting Manhattan: Decongestion pricing in Manhattan may be coming in 2023.

No right on red: Portland is adding another bike box and banning right turn on red at an intersection.

Responding to demand: As development slows to a crawl, San Francisco is considering changes to its inclusionary zoning program ($).

Cayton Corner Park: The Cayton Corner Park is moving forward in Capitol Hill.

SBUX floundering: As Starbucks battles unionization efforts and economic shifts, the company is closing some stores.

Evictions still happened: In California, 36,000 households faced eviction last year ($).

Freeways live on: A bill to halt freeway expansions in California has died in committee.

Be like France: Why did French and American traffic deaths go in dramatically different directions?

ADUs in Montana: Whitefish, Montana has loosened accessory dwelling unit regulations.

Climate fee: Portland has added a climate fee to parking rates.

Feds want action: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to reduce speeding and regulate autonomous vehicles.

BRT: Atlanta is a step closer to building bus rapid transit (BRT). Meanwhile, Oklahoma City has begun work on its first BRT line.

A safe street: What’s the first sign of a safe street?

Tackling commercial vacancies: Commercial vacancies have jumped in the Bay Area, but can pop-up storefront uses help reactivate empty storefronts ($)?

A dying breed: Capitol Hill’s last laundromat has closed.

Gateway Tunnel greenlight: New York and New Jersey have agreed on the Gateway Tunnel project.

Reopening the commons: The Ballard Commons park may reopen this summer.

CAHSRA funding: California has allocated another $4.2 billion for high-speed rail.

Freeing housing: Oregon may finally be freeing affordable housing developments from minimum car parking mandates.

Lower speeds: San Jose has started lowering speed limits.

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