Vancouver, BC, is preparing to welcome 260,000 residents by 2050. (Credit: Footloosiety, Creative Commons)

Vancity: Vancouver has adopted a plan that will grow the city about 260,000 people by 2050.

Good or bad: San Francisco vetoes a big housing measure that might have actually stifled housing construction ($).

Skagit electric ferry: An electric ferry for Skagit County is nearing construction.

Housing tax strategies: British Columbia will soon expand the speculation and vacant home taxes. In Metro Vancouver, the speculation tax turned 20,000 condos into rentals.

76ers’ urban arena: The 76ers are planning a new arena in the heart of Philadelphia and footing the cost of it.

Mass timber: Toronto could get a 31-story mass timber tower making it the tallest in North America.

NASCAR taking over Chicago: Chicago will be welcoming NASCAR for the next several years under a new deal.

NYC pedestrian plaza: In Manhattan, a street in Chinatown is being turned into a colorful pedestrian plaza.

Adaptive bikes: San Francisco has launched an adaptive bicycle program.

SROs: America should bring back the single room occupancy hotel as a partial housing solution.

American transit: In Boston, an Orange Line train caught on fire last week. In DC, a massive service disruption is coming to Metrorail.

Micro: What’s the future of microhousing in Seattle?

Low fares: Massachusetts could mandate low-income transit fare options.

Walk for groceries: In Vermont, a green organization is trying to get people to walk to grocery stories.

Hostile law: A new Missouri law criminalizes sleeping outside on public land.

New restaurant: Pike Motorworks has had a vacant retail space for years on E Pine Street, but is finally set to get filled.

Climate action: The EPA was dealt a huge blow on climate, but there are other ways the agency can take action.

Safety strategy: Vancouver may address commercial vehicles to protect people biking.

MIO regs: Approved legislation will make it easier for Seattle Central College to build new student housing on Capitol Hill.

Decriming walking: There is a renewed push to decriminalize “jaywalking.”

There’s not enough: The US is short about 3.8 million homes according to a report.

Slashing mandates: Oregon has slashed parking mandates across the state for new development.

Wilding: How is Chicago wilding rivers after industrialization?

PCC: A long-await PCC grocery store project in Madison Valley is finally moving forward.

Greener vehicles: USPS is planning to buy more electric vehicles than originally promised.

The problems: What are some big reasons driving the national bus operator shortage?

Rent crisis: California could see big rent increases soon ($).

For reform: The Los Angeles Times editorial board came out in support of California legislation to eliminate parking minimums ($).

Not meeting goals: San Diego isn’t meeting its housing goals.

Climate policy: The Seattle City Council adopted legislation directing that the comprehensive plan update address climate change and climate resiliency.

Revolutionary: How could a transit app for the blind revolutionize how everyone rides?

Policy failure: Basically no one is happy with the I-5 Columbia River bridge replacement and expansion project. Will the bridge be too tall for people biking and rolling?

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