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Staff Biography

Doug Trumm

Executive Director

Doug Trumm started volunteering with The Urbanist in 2015 as a writer and has served as editor and publication director. He graduated from the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at UW in 2019 with a concentration in (you guessed it) urban policy. He lives in East Fremont/West Wallingford and loves to explore the city on his bike. His cat Ole is a national treasure. Follow him on Twitter @dmtrumm or send him an email at doug [at] theurbanist [dot] org.

Recent Articles

Mosqueda Champions Bolder Zoning Alternative 6 in Initial Council Comp Plan Discussions

The land use committee meeting on Wednesday was an eventful one, as several councilmembers shared their critiques of the Seattle comprehensive plan work thus far. Councilmember Alex Pedersen had already attacked the plan from...

The Urbanist’s Ryan Packer Discusses Worsening Traffic Safety Crisis on KUOW

The pedestrian safety crisis has been worsening in Washington State and across the United States, even as most other industrialized nations have taken strides to reduce their traffic fatality rate in recent years. Emily...
Seattle City Hall sign and steps.

Nelson, Pedersen, and Sawant Dissent Ahead of Final Vote on Seattle Budget

The Seattle City Council has no room to spare as it approved the Seattle budget today in a 6-3 budget committee vote today. Councilmembers Sara Nelson, Alex Pedersen, and Kshama Sawant voted no. The...

Public Safety Politics and the Even Election Reckoning

The votes have all been tallied and the red wave has officially folded in on itself, leaving even more blue shore than before in Washington State. Crime was supposed to be the wedge issue...

Council Returns Parking Enforcement to SPD, Abrogates 80 Vacant Cop Positions

Facing pressure from the Harrell administration, the Seattle City Council voted to move parking enforcement back to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) after a very brief sojourn in the transportation department. But not every...