Sunday, 24 January, 2021
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Gregory Quetin

Gregory Quetin is a climate scientist and aerospace engineer with a PhD and bachelor's degree from the University of Washington. He advocates for a city full of housing, commerce, industry, and recreation as ways to increase resilience to climate change and reduce carbon emissions.
A birds eye view of Downtown Seattle from the south with the I-5 and I-90 spaghetti interchange dominating the frame.
The car is an amazing machine. So amazing, that with a little help from cheap portable fuel and a flood of public investment in smooth, wide, and straight (ish) roads (thanks Ike), our car dependent form of living has come to dominate a whole continent. This dominance is so...
These convenient excuses help your transportation department justify widening and adding highways--but they're dead wrong. We put our environmental values right into our name in the Evergreen State. But one place we don’t put them is into our transportation system - our state’s number one source of climate emissions. Even...
The Port of Seattle, and its sister port in Tacoma, as part of the Northwest Seaport Alliance is a large-scale operation supporting about a third of Washington gross domestic product, employing tens of thousands of Washingtonians, and moving 3.7 million containers per year. The current 10-year strategic plan calls...