Stephen Fesler

Stephen is an urban planner with a passion for sustainable, livable, and diverse cities. He is especially interested in how policies, regulations, and programs can promote positive outcomes for communities. Stephen lives in Kenmore and primarily covers land use and transportation issues for The Urbanist.
Author's Note: Some information in this article has been updated based upon new information from King County Metro. Several pieces of information are still subject to change since some route-level information remains incomplete on the online open house. In 2023, light rail will reach the Eastside with Sound Transit's newest... Progress on the Lynnwood Link light rail extension is going well. This video offers an aerial view of light rail construction and new developments lining the corridor from just north of Mountlake Terrace to just south of Northgate.
A postcard depicting a Pingo to Transit van and riders.
A new on-demand microtransit service launched in the Kent area today. Known as Pingo, King County Metro is piloting the service throughout much of the Kent Valley, East Hill, and Panther Lake areas. The service runs similarly to Seattle's Via to Transit, which recently was expanded -- including to...
A photo of an elevated Link light rail line over a street.
What you need to know about transit service and special events for the Northgate extension opening on October 2nd. It's a mere two and a half weeks to the opening of the 4.3-mile Northgate Link extension, which will add three more stations to Seattle's light rail line. Riders will be... Not Just Bikes explains how most speed limits are set on North American streets and road using the 85th Percentile technique as well as the challenge that street designs present in encouraging higher speeds despite lower speed limits. Also in the video, Not Just Bikes highlights other strategies that...
A lot to upgrade: Amtrak has its work cut out for it to making all stations accessible to people with disabilities ($). Charging station issues: What's wrong with a federal plan for 500,000 public electric vehicle car charging stations? BIA formation hiccup: Why are some businesses on 15th Avenue E in...
A photo of a King County Metro bus pulling into a bus station on a tree-lined street.
The fall service changes are coming to transit agencies across Puget Sound. They won't all happen at the same but there are some very significant changes that are coming with the addition of extended light rail service in North Seattle and bus network changes that will be oriented that... Dave Amos explores the history and life of downtown malls in North America. He points out their pitfalls and what alternatives may be better for urban communities.