Sunday, 9 August, 2020

Stephen Fesler

Stephen is an urban planner with a passion for promoting sustainable, livable, and diverse cities. He advocates for smart policies, regulations, and implementation programs that enhance urban environments by committing to quality design, accommodating growth, providing a diversity of housing choices, and adequately providing public services. Stephen primarily writes about land use and transportation issues.
video Skateboarding as a recreational activity and sport mostly started in cities using unique bits of infrastructure and public space to bring creativity and excitement in accomplishing tricks. Tony Hawk, a renowned skateboarder, talks with Vox about some of skateboarding’s most legendary...
video How did America’s civilian police forces go from just uniforms and basic equipment to militarized forces mirroring the national military? Vox takes a look at the rapidly changing face of American police forces over the past few decades.
LAX-LAS: A private passenger rail service is poised to launch next year between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. 15-minute cities: Top mayors are pledging to build 15-minute cities. Pushed out: As gentrification happened in Seattle, a quarter of residents were pushed...
video Cheddar documents the rise of glass building and skyscrapers and how tides are beginning to turn against the overuse of glass in skyscrapers.
video Vox explains how human expansion into natural habitats is directly linked to the spread of new and deadly diseases in human populations.
video Bloomberg CityLab explains how cities can rebuild around bikes quickly for the Covid and post-Covid era and why it’s vitally important to do so.
A block in the city center of Ashland, Oregon.
Open top buses: In London, a tour bus company wants to use open top buses for commuters. AFFH Rule row: The occupant of the White House wants to undo a prominent federal fair housing rule, but what is his real motivations in doing so?
Inadequate: The CARES Act has come up short for transit and existing formulas for funding are inadequate. Scott Walker's ghost: Wisconsin's Democratic governor is still moving forward with a misguided highway expansion project. The real looters: Neoliberalism has been a period...