A crane lowers the sport car at the edge of the hottub with the Space Needle and uptown view in the background.

Op-Ed: Hoisting ‘Supercar’ 47 Stories Inaugurates Condo Opening, New Gilded Age

A million-dollar McLaren Elva briefly graced the 47th floor rooftop next to the jacuzzi to promote the "First Light" condo tower opening this summer. The housing market is working quite well for the rich, how about for the rest of us?

East Link TOD: Three Bellevue Stations Sitting Out the Development Wave

East Main, South Bellevue, and Wilburton Station are the clear laggards along the 2 Line where development activity has been sparse. A pending zoning update offers a lot of hope for Wilburton, a little for East Main, and none for South Bellevue.
Looking at the microsoft campus from the redmond technology station

East Link TOD: Microsoft Grows Around Redmond Technology Station, If Not Housing

A huge Microsoft Campus "Refresh" redevelopment is underway next door to Redmond Technology Station. It will add three million square feet of office space, but not much housing and no highrises.
An evening shot of Esterra Park on NE Turing St

East Link TOD: Overlake Takes Shape for Station Opening

More than 8,000 homes have either been completed in the past decade or are in development near Overlake Station, on the southern edge of Microsoft's megacampus.
The immediate station area of BelRed station

East Link TOD: BelRed’s Scattered Development Could Preface Bigger Housing Boom

Near Bel-Red Station, more than 3,500 new homes have been built or permitted since 2017. However, development has been patchy due to uneven zoning.

East Link TOD: Spring District Gradually Blossoms with Development

Buoyed by its light rail station and master plan, the Spring District has seen more than 2,000 homes, 4 million square feet of office, and 8,000 parking stalls recently delivered or in development.
A lawn with concrete steps ringed by trees with the shiny new towers of Downtown Bellevue rising above in the background.

East Link TOD: Housing Growth Picks Up in Downtown Bellevue Ahead of Light Rail

We're starting our transit-oriented development (TOD) series in Downtown Bellevue. Check out how the Eastside's highrise capital has been growing, with 13,000 homes recently added or in development, in anticipation of East Link light rail's arrival on April 27.

Op-Ed: What’s in a Name? Tacoma Town Center and the Future of Downtown

The stalling out of major downtown redevelopment offers a chance to finetune goals. The Tacoma Town Center, a $300-million project that is to be developed...