A Skyline by UW – U District Development Spree Part 2

When we last covered highrise development in the U District, there were only eight highrise projects somewhere along the permitting and construction process. That...

Sound Transit’s U District Development Site Should Be an Affordable Tower

Last week, Sound Transit released a survey on the U District Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). The parcel at 1000 NE 45th Street is in question,...

Northern Midrise – U District Development Spree Part 1

If you still need proof that Seattle is not dying, just take a look at the development activity undergone, ongoing, and forecasted in the...

Northgate’s Construction Spree Is Just Starting

In the past two decades, development in and around Northgate has, for the most part, been a bit sleepy. Every few years a new...

Catch Up on Bellevue’s Park Development Spree and Incoming Parks

Alongside a flurry of commercial and to a lesser degree residential development, the City of Bellevue has been improving and expanding its park system...
A new triangular shaped six-story apartment building at dusk.

Shoreline Apartment Boom Picks Up Along RapidRide E, Still in Infancy Near Light Rail

Outside its light rail station areas, Shoreline has seen a noticeable bump in apartment planning, permitting, and construction in the past few years. Upwards...
Streets Closed sign in Youngstown bars access to the West Seattle Bridge. (Photo by Doug Trumm)

City Seeking Contractor for West Seattle Bridge Repair

The West Seattle High Rise Bridge safety project has made progress since Mayor Jenny Durkan's announcement to repair, rather than replace, the West Seattle...

Sound Transit Puts Equitable TOD and Bathroom Policy Reform Front and Center

Sound Transit is making good on a policy directive to expand bathroom access to facilities and equitable transit-oriented development (TOD) commitments in Seattle. The...