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A group of about 50 bicyclists stand on the shores of Lake Washington with Bellevue in the background.

The Results Are In on The Urbanist’s First Annual Reader Survey

465 readers answered our call for feedback and told us how we can improve. Here's what they said.

Seattle Voters On Board with Big Transportation Levy, New Polling Shows

The survey found 56% of Seattleites supported a $1.7 billion transportation levy, with safety and transit top concerns.

The Numbers That Make Your City

Misunderstanding the size of an acre, floor area ratio, and the area of a circle ruins many conversations about the basic shape of where you live.

Sunday Video: Why Do So Many Americans Super-Commute?

For decades, super-commuting has been a growing trend in many American metropolitan areas. Ray Delahanty of CityNerd digs into the data of where super-commuting...
i-90 traffic under the Mercer Island lid at the HOV off-ramp to the island.

Mercer Island Debates Surveillance Cameras

Critics have raised concerns about a lack of privacy, data security, or demonstrated effectiveness in reducing crime. Mercer Island has a new initiative under consideration:...
Seattle Pacific Medical Center is a brick art deco building atop Beacon Hill dating backed to 1932.

285 Reasons Seattle’s Zoning is an [Unfunny] Joke

Strangely, it is very difficult to answer the question: "How many zones does Seattle have?" That alone suggests an uncomfortable answer. The Seattle Municipal Code...
Aerial of the Central Puget Sound with its many highways and single family homes

PSRC Report Connects Single Family Zoning and Highways with Structural Racism

On July 6, the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) launched their Legacy of Structural Racism Interactive Report. While this report is far from the...
Seattle Skyline with I-5 trench and Freeway Park overhead.

Americans Are Ready to Move On from Highway Expansion Even If Politicians Persist

A new poll found 82% of voters don’t believe highway expansions are the best solution for reducing congestion. America runs on highway sprawl and car...