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East Link TOD: Three Bellevue Stations Sitting Out the Development Wave

East Main, South Bellevue, and Wilburton Station are the clear laggards along the 2 Line where development activity has been sparse. A pending zoning update offers a lot of hope for Wilburton, a little for East Main, and none for South Bellevue.

2025 Opening for Full East Link Sits on a Razor’s Edge

Track restoration work on the remainder of the 2 Line across I-90 is 80% complete, but any additional delays are almost certain to push a grand opening into 2026.

Issaquah Approves Affordable Housing Incentives Near Future Light Rail

Issaquah is set to provide incentives to build up to 800 homes under a new program intended to densify transit-rich Central Issaquah, near a future light rail station.

Riders Swarm East Link Light Rail on Opening Weekend

After a 90-minute opening ceremony, the 2 Line clocked 35,000 boardings on Saturday. Leaders predicted the line will dramatically transform the Eastside.
The Bellevue transit center is ringed by towers and a construction project adding another.

An Urbanist Guide of Things to Do in Downtown Bellevue

If you're detraining at Downtown Bellevue Station and looking for entertainment and sustenance beyond malls and without burning a crater in your wallet at...
Looking at the microsoft campus from the redmond technology station

East Link TOD: Microsoft Grows Around Redmond Technology Station, If Not Housing

A huge Microsoft Campus "Refresh" redevelopment is underway next door to Redmond Technology Station. It will add three million square feet of office space, but not much housing and no highrises.

Everything to Know About Sound Transit’s 2 Line, Launching This Weekend

The Eastside will have light rail service for the first time, as East Link launches Saturday. The Urbanist has everything you need to know about this momentous occasion.
An evening shot of Esterra Park on NE Turing St

East Link TOD: Overlake Takes Shape for Station Opening

More than 8,000 homes have either been completed in the past decade or are in development near Overlake Station, on the southern edge of Microsoft's megacampus.