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Cute Twitter posts, one rainbows saying "Don't set the state on fire." The other a leaping salmon saying "Live, laugh, lay eggs, and die."

Connecting DNR’s “Many Great Stories to Tell” Through Amazing Social Media

I first encountered the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Twitter account when it popped up on my feed, already uncommon for a...

The Urbanist Podcast: Seattle Public School’s Mixed Year-End Report Card

In this episode, professional educator and managing editor Natalie Argerious tolerates my raving parent commentary about the 2021-2022 public school year. The kids have...

Seattle Families Mobilize Against Sweeping Change to School Bell Times

Seattle Public Schools is rushing toward a three tiered schedule of school start times. The district should reassess. (Photo: Seattle Department of Transportation)
A black and white photo of a flyer instructing how to get online in Seattle.

Proposed Digital Equity Bill Needs Support to Increase Broadband Access

For a long time, Washington’s digital divide worried many groups of people who saw its harmful and inequitable effects: librarians, teachers, tribal governments, and...
A flyer reading Propositions 1 and 2 building on success with a photo of kids wearing masks in a classroom.

Vote Yes on 2022 Seattle and Tacoma Public School Levies

Ballots for the 2022 Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Capital Levy are due tomorrow, Tuesday, February 8th. To be accepted, they must postmarked or deposited...
Children sit in a classroom and listen to a story being read aloud by a man in a suit wearing a mask.

What Seattle Public Schools Needs to Say Right Now

The letter District Leaders should send to follow earlier garbage. Dear Seattle Schools families, As Covid numbers have spiked among kids and staff in Seattle...
A photo shows trees with orange leaves in front of a brick buildings.

Seattle’s Free Community College Program Grows in Size and Impact

Three years ago, Seattle voters approved the Families, Education, Preschool, and Promise Levy, which included funding for two years of free community college to...
A photo of a mother with three middle school aged children riding a King County metro bus.

Seattle Expands Free Transit Passes to All Middle Schoolers

Seattle is now offering all public middle school students in Seattle free transit passes through the ORCA Opportunity program. This builds upon a program...