Op-Ed: Seattle Public Schools Votes to Repeat School Closure Mistake

Last week, the Seattle school board voted to proceed with a plan that could close 20 or more public schools across the city. The plan would worsen the district’s budget woes, student learning outcomes, enrollment decline, racial inequities, and undermine efforts to add missing middle housing and create 15-minute neighborhoods.

New Alki Elementary School Draws Another Appeal, Even After Adding Parking Lot

Even after plans for a new Alki Elementary were redesigned to add parking, the project is caught in another appeal alleging there still isn't enough proposed parking. The delays triggered by the appeals have cost the school district at least $3 million so far.

An Interview with Seattle’s Chief Librarian, Tom Fay

From robotic kiosks to essential and safe Third Places, Seattle's Libraries chart a path to the future.

Op-Ed: Seattle Poised to Repeat Chicago’s School Closure Mistake

Last week Seattle Public Schools (SPS) unveiled plans to embrace sweeping austerity, making major cuts to school programs and closing an unspecified number of...

Op-Ed: How to Create Libraries of the Future 

These six ideas would create a brighter future for local libraries by adapting to emerging needs. Currently, both the Seattle Public Library (SPL) and the...

Appeal Could Force Alki Elementary To Trade Classroom Space for Parking Stalls

An appeal brought by neighbors threatens to delay construction and heap costs on cash-strapped Seattle Public Schools. Construction on a new Alki Elementary School in...
Brick public school building, Sacajawea School.

Seattle Public Schools Unveil Plans for Sweeping Cuts and Lasting Austerity

Faced with an ongoing refusal by the state legislature to properly fund public education, Seattle Public Schools have responded by proposing an unprecedented plan...
Seattle Central Library is a glassy modernist building that cantilever out at the top.

Seattle’s Public Libraries Chart a New Strategic Direction

At its core, the strategy is built on the idea that “the library makes a difference in people’s lives and in the greater community." All...