Seattle Council Delays Vote to Cut Gig Pay, Equitable Development

Moves to cut the minimum wage for gig workers and squeeze Equitable Development Initiative projects for funding will have to wait for a future Seattle City Council meeting after their sponsors tabled the votes.

King County Metro Continues to Face Labor Pinch

King County Metro faces a bus driver shortage and a training bottleneck to address it as the agency seeks to staff up to boost service frequencies. Veteran drivers have pointed to need for more support for new drivers and safer conditions on buses.

Op-Ed: Why We’re Taking Burien’s Minimum Wage to the Ballot Box

Raise the Wage Burien is bringing together a coalition of workers, community groups, and labor unions to gather petition signatures to put a measure on the ballot this fall to raise Burien’s minimum wage to parity with nearby cities like Tukwila, SeaTac, Seattle, and Renton. In contrast, the city council's version is riddled with loopholes.

Local Labor Leaders Hope to Sustain ‘Year of the Union’ Momentum

2023 was a banner year for union organizing nationwide and locally, but much work remains in 2024 to sustain gains and expand on them. And corporate bosses are not taking this without a fight.
A bike delivery person has a large green box with Uber Eats logo on it strapped to their back while riding down an urban streets with lots of pedestrians.

Op-Ed: Gig Worker Minimum Pay Law Makes Seattle More Livable for All 

I am a disabled gig worker in Seattle who has shown up time and again over the course of five years, advocating to the...
A group of about 15 campaign volunteers hold clip board and campaign signs at a mall plaza.

Voters Set to Decide on Raise The Wage Renton in February Ballot Measure

Renton voters have until February 13 to vote in a special election on the measure putting the city's minimum wage in line with Tukwila and SeaTac.
Two northbound buses line up outside Lucky Pho on Fremont Avenue with another southbound Route 62 across the street.

Metro Seeing Early Signs of Labor Rebound and Ridership Momentum

Buoyed by a bump in compensation in new contract, Metro is ramping up bus driver recruitment and hopes to grow service by fall 2024. King...
Downtown Seattle wall with City Hall sign on it and buildings in the background.

The Chamber of Commerce’s Seattle Budget Fix Is Slashing City Services and Freezing Wages

While running government like a business is a dream of chambers of commerce, businesses don’t freeze wages and spending when they need to hire...