A picture of a person on a scooter and e-bike riding past a car with the caption 'tired of waiting in traffic? Lime will get you there.'


Why Climate Advocates Should Be Urbanists, Part 2

Part 2 of this four-part series examines arguments against focusing on land use in climate policy and provides counter arguments. Ignoring land use changes and relying on electrification alone is a slower and riskier path to decarbonization.
An airy train station with a glass ceiling held by steel latticework.

Torpedoing NYC Decongestion Tolls Would Be National Setback

New York had been all geared up to become the first American city to implement congestion pricing later this month until Governor Kathy Hochul announced a stunning reversal, saying she intended to shelve the program on Wednesday. Transit riders and climate advocates are fighting back and aiming to block the move.
The spring district light rail station with public art

An Urbanist Guide to Things To Do in Bellevue’s BelRed

BelRed combines a nascent South Lake Union, SoDo, and the International District. Spring District Station has a South Lake Union feel with tech offices emerging from a large light industrial presence. Both have some hidden gems.
An aerial photo shows Tacoma's waterfront separated from its downtown towers by its elevated I-705 freeway.

New Tacoma Waterfront Park Begs for I-705 Freeway Removal

Melanie LaPlant Dressel Park opened on April 11 as a beautiful park far away from the rest of the city. An elevated, wide ribbon of concrete — the roaring I-705 freeway — separates the park from its users. Tacoma should remove this barrier.
A crane lowers the sport car at the edge of the hottub with the Space Needle and uptown view in the background.

Op-Ed: Hoisting ‘Supercar’ 47 Stories Inaugurates Condo Opening, New Gilded Age

A million-dollar McLaren Elva briefly graced the 47th floor rooftop next to the jacuzzi to promote the "First Light" condo tower opening this summer. The housing market is working quite well for the rich, how about for the rest of us?

Will Seattle Embrace Multiplexes in Single Family Zones Despite Weak Proposal?

Seattle needs to allow more housing in today's single family zones if it's serious about its housing crisis. Strict multiplex size restrictions need to go from the Mayor's growth plan.
Seven passengers wait to board a Sound Transit bus. (Photo courtesy of Sound Transit)

Policy Lab: Shifting Transportation Habits with Cold, Hard Cash

From e-bike rebates to congestion pricing, policy should incentivize healthy, eco-friendly choices. These six ideas can achieve a dramatic mode shift away from driving and toward transit, biking, walking, and rolling.
I-5 and the Seattle Skyline at sunset looking down Yesler Way to Elliott Bay with Smith Tower peeking out on the left and the car-clogged I-5 trench on the right.

Why Climate Advocates Should Be Urbanists, Part 1

Land use policy is a powerful tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. So why isn’t it a bigger part of the policy debate? This four-part 'Land Use and Climate Change' series explores that question.