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Plans and Policy

Will Seattle Embrace Multiplexes in Single Family Zones Despite Weak Proposal?

Seattle needs to allow more housing in today's single family zones if it's serious about its housing crisis. Strict multiplex size restrictions need to go from the Mayor's growth plan.
Kattle wears a blue suit and light gray beard and sits on Council dais.

Seattle Police Contract Passes Despite Limited Accountability Measures, Budget Hit

With a 24% raise and backpay, Seattle police officers are collectively earning an extra $96 million in compensation from the City in 2024. City leaders hope to spur hiring, but the contract did little to increase police accountability and blew a bigger hole in the City's quarter-billion-dollar budget deficit.
Eleven people hold a ribbon outside a housing project.

Op-Ed: Boost Seattle’s Growth Plan to Solve the Housing Crisis

The path forward is clear: a revised and ambitious Comprehensive Plan that should reform zoning rules and housing policies to allow more homes of all shapes and sizes; and incentivize affordable housing and homeownership.
Seven passengers wait to board a Sound Transit bus. (Photo courtesy of Sound Transit)

Policy Lab: Shifting Transportation Habits with Cold, Hard Cash

From e-bike rebates to congestion pricing, policy should incentivize healthy, eco-friendly choices. These six ideas can achieve a dramatic mode shift away from driving and toward transit, biking, walking, and rolling.

Urbanists Rally to Sway Seattle Growth Plan

Comment on the draft Seattle Comprehensive Plan by May 20. Housing advocates have urged the City to adopt the "Housing Abundance Map" rather than keep exclusionary zoning.
I-5 and the Seattle Skyline at sunset looking down Yesler Way to Elliott Bay with Smith Tower peeking out on the left and the car-clogged I-5 trench on the right.

Why Climate Advocates Should Be Urbanists

Land use policy is a powerful tool to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change. So why isn’t it a bigger part of the policy debate? This four-part 'Land Use and Climate Change' series explores that question.
The courtyard at Midtown Square is surrounded by a 7-story apartment complex.

How King County’s Basic Income Program Could Fight Poverty and Increase Safety

Research has showed the promise of guaranteed basic income programs to interrupt the cycle of poverty, and participants in King County's pilot program told The Urbanist that it had helped them improve their circumstances.

Op-Ed: Building the Seattle We Want with the Growth We’ll Have

Seattle's proposed 20-year growth strategy could certainly use improvement. Here are suggestions to promote housing abundance, fight exclusion, and curb climate pollution.